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finalist at cranbrook, got some question! help!


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Hi there,

Just got some suggestion from collegeconfidential.com that I should post on this gradcafe =)

I am the international student applying for master degree in Graphic design program.

Few days ago, I got a letter from Pratt that I got accepted to their M.S. communication design program.

Anyway, I also got a email from Cranbrook academy of art saying that I was selected as a finalist for possible inclusion in autumn 2009 studio. They said that they would like to invite me to interview. As a foreigner, I would have to make it on conference call.

So, my question would be how many chances I have for got accepted? My friend said that they may already accept me but they just want to know my attitude and make sure I am not crazy (..haha) but the other say that it may be the another stage of application process (may be 50 candidate to interview and choose only 14 student).

Anyone who got into cranbrook might help me out on this?

Or anyone who has any clue on interview process? I google about how student interview like but mostly, I found the information on MBA, business school interview. Not many interview for art school.

Also, is Cranbrook a good art school? Not many people talk about this school. I have apply for graduate program at

MICA - no answer yet

SVA - no answer yet

CCA - no answer yet

Got only Yale (not accepted), SAIC (not accepted), Cranbrook (finalist to interview), Pratt (accepted)

Thanks in advance!!!

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