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UPenn vs CMU : Chemical Engineering


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I am a potential master's student in the field of chemical engineering Fall 2013. Recently I received admits from UPenn, CMU and Cornell(M.Eng). I am yet to hear back from the other colleges that I have applied to but I'm keeping my fingers crossed regarding that. 
My main query is that if it boils down to a choice between UPenn and CMU which would be the better option?

On one hand Penn has a fabulous program tailored to what I want to do and wharton is another major plus point. The restriction on the various courses that one can take at wharton is a bit disappointing though. 
CMU on the other hand has a better ranked program but the tuition fee is pretty high. I'm leaning toward Penn but would appreciate a bit of advice regarding this decision of mine.

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A chemical engineering prof at my alma mater spoke highly of CMU research.  But it is all about research fit at this point, since you got in amazing programs (Congrats!!!).  I vote for better fit --> UPenn.

Applied to:
UT, WashU. Notre Dame. UWashington.

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Not sure if this matters but University City in Philadelphia is a pretty fun spot. I'm from the area and it's one of the nicer and safer spots in the city. You get a huge student population, mixed with professionals from the city as well. Plus the huge restaurant and bar scene of center city Philadelphia is just a bus/train/taxi ride away. Go with the better fit, and don't worry about a "ranking". If you care that much about rankings and prestige, UPenn is Ivy league and CMU isn't. There yah go!

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