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Northwestern vs. U Minnesota: Chemical Engineering


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I have been accepted to both of these PhD programs. I am having a difficult time deciding on which one to accept.

Northwestern is ranked 14th and Minnesota is ranked 4th in Chemical Engineering. My end goal is to go in to academia as a professor at a teir 1 research University.

Both have professors that I am very interested in. Both are in good cities. Both pay the same/similar stipend and have the same/similiar cost of living.

I was wondering what are your thoughts on the two schools and programs. Any advice is appreciated.

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It sounds like the only difference between the two is the ranking? If so, I would go for Minnesota as its ranking is slightly higher.


Realistically, though, they both sound like very good programs for what you need, and they're both in the top 15 for your field. I'd imagine that either would prepare you well for the type of career that you're interested in. So, you should go with your gut feeling... which one did you enjoy more when you visited? 

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They sound similar, and with a ranking that close does it even matter?


Did you visit each of them in person??

Saying they have people you want to work with and ACTUALLY having someone you want to work with who you met in person, well those are very different things. If you can connect with an adviser before the deadline that might be the best option, you still have a couple months till april 15th to do that. That way you can see who is a good fit for you. Personality in person is very different than on paper, or even email. 


I applied to both of those as well (MechE) and I would pick Minnesota over Northwestern for the size of University and campus. Northwestern is smaller, which isn't as appealing to me, if you wanted a personal thought on the matter.

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