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Studying for Chem GRE - Study buddies??


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Not me, but I'll be perfectly honest, the April one isn't as bad I feel.
You'll do fine, I swear - just go through the GRE practice tests that are out there. I did a 850 on them, people laughed and told me "hah, you won't crack 600" and I did much better.


Don't panic - you have functionally 60 days to prep yourself. Orgo mechanisms, analytics. Give it a run-through, and message your old instructors "hey, I'm doing my GRE, and I'm having troubles on topics you taught me - do you have an hour to discuss with an old student". There's alot of organic mechanisms that escape a few people, and they DO ask mechanism questions with Deuterium placement. On the PChem, they go through Rigid Rotor (which is usually not covered), and some quantum operators that can be mixed up.

If you have questions, post them - I'm coming up with solutions manuals (worked out) for the two pdfs that I have. You're more than welcome to them if I finish by the time you need it (I can always jump to your questions if need be, give me something to do).

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