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University of Louisiana Lafayette, Phd English Rhetoric and Comp.?

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I'm currently at U of Louisiana (I'm, sadly, leaving due to the sudden death of UL's Anglo-Saxonist). I've been on the Lit track, but I've been very happy with UL's program. There's a solid amount of individual attention, and all the professors I've been around are all high quality. Program focus tends to be very heavy on "preparation for the job market," and you'll hear about this from the day you set foot on campus.  I'll tell you up front, though, that the facilities are lacking and the stipend, while manageable, is a bit tight. Comp/Rhet is also the minority in the program, as about half of the grad students are Creative Writing, with the other half being split between Lit and Comp/Rhet. Also, the deadline to be considered for Fellowships is Feb. 15, but the general deadline (assistantships included) is March 1.


You also get quite a bit of teaching experience, if that's what you're into. Let me know if you have any questions.

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