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Similar situation here. I'm logging in and seeing "awaiting GRE scores" ...wondering if this will now hold up my decision. They do have unofficial scores but apparently never received the official report from ETS. Silly me, I didn't check after receiving the "Thank you for your application e-mail" and seeing "submitted on Jan 2nd" on the main portal. I've e-mailed admissions, but here's to hoping for good news tonight...  


Same here plus my LOR arrived super late (weird as they arrived in time everywhere else) hence I am pretty sure Im rejected :(

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No email here. (Although, and I assume everyone else has already seen this, but one PhD rejection popped up on the results board a little while ago; I didn't start obsessively refreshing till 4pm, so no idea how close to that time it showed up.)

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Just got the email, admitted !! Yeah :)


But no mention of funding though. Good luck to the ones waiting..don't give up..


Tough call now between Harris and Goldman. Still waiting for HKS..

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(1) Congrats!


(2) Thank you, thank you for the tip! I haven't received an email yet, but was able to log in and see an acceptance, plus aid of $21,000 a year.


Good luck everyone :)


Same here.  This is going to make for a very tough decision, and I'm still waiting on a few schools!

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