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SAT vs. GRE Math


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I've heard that the SAT math section is more difficult than the GRE's. Is this true?


I ask because the Khan Academy has a section on SAT math, but not one for the GRE. I was hoping to use this to help me prepare for the GRE.


I haven't been in a math class in almost a decade, and A LOT of what I learned in high school and university has been lost. Before I started working through the Khan Academy units I was struggling even with basic algebra.


I have many, many prep books, but their approach/presentation hasn't been as successful as the Khan Academy's, so I'd like to stick with this.


I'm curious as to how "deep" into the Khan Academy's rabbit hole I need to dive in order to do well on the quantitative section.


An overview of topics covered can be found here.



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You need arithmetic, algebra/algebra II (e.g., functions), geometry (no proofs), data analysis, and stats/probability for GRE math. You don't need trig, calculus, or beyond.


Check here for more info:




Oh, and there seems to be a recent increase in stats and probability questions on the GRE, so they're definitely worth reviewing in earnest.


Once you've completed Khan Academy, I highly recommend taking full practice tests from Barron's Six Practice Tests--they were all very similar to what I faced on test day in terms of content and difficulty.

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