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qualified for admission to PhD but not offering admission !!


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hi friends,

I got email from saying.....

"Your application for admission to the Ph.D. program of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has now been reviewed by the Faculty Admissions Committee. The Committee, I am happy to tell you, concluded that you are qualified for admission to GSBS. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you admission at this time because virtually all the financial assistance available through GSBS has been committed to students previously admitted for the Fall Semester."

I am an international applicant so they have no fund left for me because international applications are reviewed in last rotation??

It also said....

" However, at this point in our admissions cycle we like to give our faculty members the opportunity to provide financial support for qualified students such as you. We circulate a list of these students to the faculty and ask if a department, program, or group of faculty is willing to provide a first-year assistantship so that an additional student can be admitted."

What is the chance for me to get admitted in this program? Is it some sort of rejection??

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I'm not in the sciences, but my interpretation of that email would be that you would be in, but they don't have the funding, so they put you on a list of students that they're circulating to professors to see if the professors want to fund any of the students with their grants etc. If a professor chooses you from the list, you will be accepted. Otherwise, you will not be accepted because they don't accept students they don't have funding for.

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Rebeccafav's analysis seems spot on. It sounds like the graduate school doesn't have the money for you, but a professor might. I think most of the time from the third year on your thesis advisor pays your stipend from grants anyways, so there may be a chance a professor has some extra money now and can fund you for the full 5 years (rather than just the last 3). That is my best guess!

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