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Native American and graduate programs


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I recently discovered this website and am planning on applying for a sociology graduate program next cycle, (fall 2013).  I was wondering if it is advantageous to be of Native American descent, a registered tribal member?  I ask this because I was also thinking about law school and know that the URM's get a "boost" in admissions.  I ask this, not concerned about receiving a "hand out," but rather as a way to assess my situation with what type of schools I would be able to get into with my credentials.  My GPA at the time of application will be 3.45, I have undergraduate research experience with one of my sociology professors whom specializes in criminology and economic sociology.  I am scheduled to take the GRE in a month, and I do realize that alot is contingent on the GRE score.  All this considered, I am curious about the potential advantages that being a Native American might bring to me.


Thank you,



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Welcome Cody! I won't pretend to know the "right" answer but I will say that your descent should/would not count against you. Departments/programs should/would evaluate candidates based on their experiences, merit, and abilities. Your Native roots give you an edge perhaps but legally should not count against you. Discrimination is never okay and most likely won't be openly tolerated on a Sociology admissions committee.


I encourage you to be your authentic self and apply to programs that fit your interests. Best of luck for the next application season.

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