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Research Participants Needed!!


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Hi Everyone,


I'm currently completing my dissertation for my final year of my Psychology degree.

Last time I checked I had about 64 participants for my study and I need 100+ so i'm really starting to panick as I need to start analysing them soon! I'd be really grateful if you could take part and/or share this around - the more the merrier!


Here is the link for my survey and all the necessary information you need  :)



Thank you in advance!

Please make sure that you are 18+ to take part for ethical reasons

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I read the instructions for the last part several times and still couldn't quite figure them out. In particular:


"Read each word and then click on the number from the scale below next to each word."


There were no numbers to click on either below the words or next to the words.


I enjoyed the association task, though. Good luck with your work. Is a final project for a Bsc commonly called a dissertation in the UK?

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