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  1. George Washington evidently has an NIH grant on this topic, and I just learned that the University of Arizona has a Transgender Voice and Speech group, so at least someone there is interested.
  2. I have nothing to add except that I sympathize with what a hassle it is to wrangle transfer credits! I have undergraduate credits from five different schools; I'm starting grad school this month, so that will be school #6. If I ever apply to PhD programs in the future, I'll likely end up paying more in transcript fees than in application fees. Ha.
  3. Hey Smartypants, would you report back on what you find out about this? I'd love to know more.
  4. There is a thread about this in the general graduate student area, but I wanted to get some SLP-specific opinions on this question. Like many of you, I've been working for a number of years and am going back to school now. My (former) field is very networking-oriented, so I've always had business cards, and I go through a lot of them - perhaps 250 a year. It is going to feel very odd to not have them anymore, so I'm thinking of ordering some for personal use. What should I put them on them? "MS-SLP Student"? "Graduate Student Clinician", which I see on a lot of LinkedIn profiles? I
  5. I have met non-native speakers of English who are SLPs. It will depend on how clearly you can communicate with clients, including children and their families. Have you taken the TOEFL?
  6. The University of Washington has a medical track. Vanderbilt does not advertise themselves as such, but their clinic director said during my visit that she considers the program to be more medically-oriented. I think looking for a program associated with a med school would be a good bet. Besides Vanderbilt, Rush, MGH, and New York Medical College come to mind, but there are a lot out there!
  7. Ugh, I am jonesing to update my LinkedIn! I start in mid-August. Is now too soon to do it? I don't want to seem totally checked out of my current job, where I have 6 weeks left.
  8. JKathleen, are you from the Rock Hill area? I am from there and did my undergrad at S. Carolina.
  9. Tuck

    Austin, TX

    I used to live down the street from Tanglewood Apartments - for years, actually. I don't know how many undergrads are in the complex, but it's a nice area to live and not in the thick of undergrad parties and whatnot. You can take the RR bus to campus; it has a stop right there. There are several places I love on that stretch of Aiport Blvd.: House Pizza, Quality Seafood (esp. Taco Tuesdays!), Kome (truly excellent sushi at a decent price point), and Tamale House. Additionally, Barfly's has cheap drinks, Burger Tex has decent burgers, and Mrs. Johnson's has donuts from 8 pm - 11 am (yes, y
  10. On the websites question, Realtracs.com was really helpful to us. It's a regional website with MLS listings. We actually went up a couple weeks ago and literally drove around looking for "For Rent" signs, after exhausting online options. (We have dogs, were looking for a house with certain features, had a narrow availability date, etc.) It was tedious and generally unpleasant. However, we ended up calling one place that was already taken, but the landlord had another property that she had literally just found out that morning was becoming available in our time frame! We signed a lease for
  11. Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is a really enjoyable book with lots of advanced vocab. Great summer reading.
  12. Lots of good advice, TakeruK! I just wanted to build on your advice about credit reports - the third major bureau is Experian. I get a report every four months by staggering these three. I just have reminders on my google calendar. Folks, you can do this through annualcreditreport.com, NOT freecreditreport.com that is advertised all the time! The first is legit and the latter is scammy. Also, I have been trying to build good credit the past few years; here's some additional tips: - Set your checking account up to autopay the balance every month. No chance of mistakenly missing a paymen
  13. To add to mssmith's comment, for long-distance moves, UHaul gives you set amount of miles you can go without extra charges; Budget and Penske are usually unlimited. We got a 20% off coupon for Budget when we did our USPS change of address online. For those moving (or otherwise driving long distances) with dogs, I highly recommend dog seat belts - for your safety and theirs if there were an accident. This guy reviewed a bunch of models; click the links under Table of Contents: http://www.agilepooch.com/dogstuff/dogbelts/dogbelts.html TL;DR - most of the cheap ones will be worthless in
  14. When I did my USPS change of address online, one of the coupon offers was for 20% off Budget truck rentals! You can go ahead and do it but set the address change for a future date. We are using a 22' rental truck and a car hauler trailer plus driving our other car. It will be around $1500 total for truck, trailer, hotel, and gas. Plus I may splurge and spend an extra $130-ish for unloading help at our destination. Ultimately, unless we buy thrift store furniture, we estimated moving most things to be cheaper than replacing if we moved ourselves. This is not neccesarily so with movers.
  15. If you have the option, you should major in Communication Sciences and Disorders. (Some schools have other names for this major, but CSD seems to be the most common.) If that's not available where you are, Human Development and Family Sciences, Psychology, Linguistics, and Neuroscience are all relevant to the field. But a lot of us come from other backgrounds. My BA is in Anthropology.
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