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What is the best way to tackle reading passages on GRE?


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I have been practicing GRE verbal problems for a while now, and still struggling with reading passages. I'm taking the exam in a few days. I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on how to work with reading passages.


Thank you.

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My best tip, if you're a somewhat fast reader, is to read the passage in its entirety once.  This first pass is to try to get the overall gist of the passage.  Then read the entire passage again, trying to really comprehend it.  I paraphrase to myself what each paragraph is about on this second reading.  Then (and only then) read the questions for that passage.


That strategy worked for me back in the ACT days, and worked well for me on the GRE.  I am a fast reader, YMMV.  You might try it first on a practice test to be sure you have enough time to read the passages twice...

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I took my time during the passages, and got most of the questions right. Just read it once, and go back for more specific info for each question. I breezed through the verbal parts though, mostly because I had no idea what the hell most of the words mean, and didn't bother with Latin roots.

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