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Department asking me to accept offer "in the next week or so"? (Biostats)

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I have been accepted now into three masters programs and am awaiting decisions from seven PhD programs. One of the masters programs is asking that I respond to their offer "in the next week or so." How can I politely fend them off while I wait for funding / admissions decisions from my other applications?


Thanks for your help!


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I think this is a crummy thing to do, but if they're not offering you financial support then technically they're not violating the April 15 Council of Graduate Schools agreement. Just write to them explaining the situation and see what they say; I have trouble believing they'd kick you to the curb for wanting to wait a couple of weeks.

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I think telling them the truth, politely, would be perfectly diplomatic. If they are currently offering you an unfunded Masters, then they know that their offer isn't very enticing when you have the potential for funded PhD programs. So, you don't have to bring it up explicitly, I think if you say that something like "Thank you for the offer but I can't make a decision at this time because I have applied to PhD programs as well and I'm still awaiting their decisions. Could I have X more weeks to consider your offer?", that would be diplomatic enough! It would be unreasonable for a school to fault you for asking for something like that. (They might not give you the extra time, but you have at least 2 other offers to consider, and like you said, it's low on your list anyhow).

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