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Anyone else wait listed??


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I've applied to 3 graduate schools. My "safe" school, which I do understand is very competitive, has put me on the wait list. They allow 30 ppl into the program and have a wait list of 30. It's not their policy to tell students where they rank on the wait list. I haven't heard back from the other 2 schools yet but chances are I won't get an acceptance letter.


Anyone else on the wait list or have positive stories about the wait list? I'm very disheartened now...  :wacko:

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i, too, have only applied to three school. 

i wish i could have applied more but grad school applications are just so damn expensive!


and i havent heard ANYTHING so far. i wonder if im unofficially waitlisted.

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Well, I'm not really sure what to make of my situation.


I was invited to a phone interview for a PhD profram and told I was a strong candidate. I emailed a thank you note to the POI and followed up on the conversation; she responded a week or two later saying she thought it was a very pleasant conversation. After that, I noticed admits coming in for the program. Then I noticed rejections and now I've seen a waitlisting for the program. When I check my status, it says that no decision has been made. This, of course, leads me to believe I've been unofficially waitlisted, which seems like a kind of second hell compared to a regular waitlist.


Luckily I've been accepted into a good MA program with full funding, but the program in question was one of my top choices.

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