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  1. I just got my final rejection after the department has been dodging me for weeks. I'm surprised that I'm not too upset because I'm still very excited about my MA acceptance from Brown. It is a huge ego stroke, but I also know in no way can I afford a $68000 MA. Getting a loan is out of the question. I have no intention to put myself in debt for a degree that will not increase my earning power (an Ivy League MA in humanities is NOT like an Ivy League MBA) and I already have a MA. I don't mind making little money as long as I can make ends meet doing what I love, but I know for sure I don't want
  2. i really regret having applied to only three schools and no safety schools, and I didn't take the GRE until the very last minute. if i do try again next year, I'd applied to at least three more and get my GRE scores up to a more acceptable level
  3. thanks for your advice. I tried calling again today and someone finally picked it up! Results will be sent in the next couple of days. fingers crossed!!!!
  4. That's what I have to do I guess! So i can get started with selling my blood (or my egg, anything) to accept my only acceptance!
  5. Indeed! Most best selling authors don't even have a MFA, and as far as I know, most creative writing programs would care less about genre writing, which is what I do right now. Choir is cool! I have never been in one, but I do know signing is for good stress relief.
  6. I wrote a novel. Don't know what can make me prouder: publishing a novel/getting a PhD
  7. Thanks! It's very bittersweet for me indeed. After experiencing so many rejections over the past few months, it is so awesome to know that one of the best schools in the world thinks a person who comes from nothing (with bad GRE scores) can still be good enough for them, at least good enough for their MA. It's also very sad that they probably can't fund me. It has been three days and the school has yet to send me any extra funding information. Also, I read somewhere that schools tend to use unfunded MA programs as cash cows to increase their revenue. If I fund myself, it means I'm also fundi
  8. Have you tried contacting Maryland? They make me mad!
  9. I came from a family of nothing. My parents don't even speak a word of English. I was supposed to be a mediocre person until I met the professors in college who believed in me and made me realize I could be so much more. Having worked in several industries after graduation in which 3 years were spentl teaching highschool kids, i realized education is my calling. I missed teaching and inspiring younger generations when i was doing a corporate job. I want to follow my professors' footsteps, and the only way to become a professor is to have a PhD.
  10. I'm totally in the same boat. I contacted the department secretary but she insisted I should talk to the director who never responds. I have emailed the director at least three times to no avail. I don't even know if she checks her email. #Sigh
  11. I got an email from Brown telling me they can offer me their unfunded MA (I applied to PhD). I probably can't go cuz it's just too expensive and I already have a MA, but I just cried when I found out I was at least Ivy worthy!!! I did emailed the professor back to ask for any possibility on TA or RAship. I'm not too optimistic, but I'm still proud!
  12. I got an email from Brown this morning. When I read the first line, I was already mentally preparing myself for a dead sentence because I knew Brown was a really long shot for me. It turns out they rejected my PhD application (citing intense competition) but they were able to take me into their MA program. The happiness did not dawn on me until 10 seconds later. I know I probably won't go because I already have a MA in Communication, though not American Studies, and the fellowship is tiny (no tuition fellowship for MA). I just cried out of joy because at least I was good enough for an Ivy
  13. I do hope that will happen to me! But I know brown has already sent out a few acceptances last week, with no rejection so far. I kept telling myself my rejection will come in any minute, and it just sucks
  14. I think we are on unofficial waiting lists. It's shitty I know, but your school may still want you!
  15. whats worst is when the department just completely ignores your inquiries. that's so rude! (Yes, I'm talking about you UMD)
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