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LBJ in admissions thread


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Still shows as In Review to me. Maybe this guy missed a document or something, and he got an early rejection.


Needless to say that this post gave me a mini-heart attack.

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Thanks, should have never thought someone who can´t even spell the word "public" and who seems to think the Mpaff was an MPP as authentic! Sorry


To be fair, not even LBJ knows how to spell "public"....



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This message appeared today on My Status:

"Each individual graduate program sets its own schedule for reviewing application files. You should consult the graduate coordinator in the program to which you have applied to determine when decisions will be made."



So, that means that I can call? Should I? What do you think?

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Any clue when is their admitted students day? i want to see the school and decide but I can only go in two weeks time due to a national holiday as easter is waaaay to expensive and im already taking time off to check gppi and spea in april.....

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