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Anybody else having a nervous breakdown?


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Hi, at least you got feedbacks from all the schools you applied!

Right now I only heard back from 5 schools out of 9, I guess the rest of them would reject me without interviews :( 

The only school that accepted me told me to wait for the funding oppotunities in March which is very important for me.

Anyway, I'm still positive about myself because I believe if you stay positive, positive things would happen to you :) 

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I'm past nervous breakdown and on to physical breakdown, hahaha. The application process literally gave me an ulcer and I'm pretty sure I didn't get in anywhere. Sigh. In hindsight, after submitting my apps, I thought my SOPs were really great and individualized, but I could have done a way better job if I didn't have so many other time constraints during the app. process. So, I think, in the end, it's probably good that I didn't get in this year. A) I obviously can't handle the stress of grad school in my current state of emotional/physical well-being & B ) I have all year to prepare and kill it next time! 


Trying to stay positive :)

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I haven't heard from any schools yet. :(

I have started making plans based on not being accepted anywhere and i'm actually excited about the plans! I'm finishing my third masters and already have half a PhD (long story), so I've had a good run and maybe it's time I move on and stop trying to catch that elusive PhD.....

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@caitlinalobdell oh no! ulcer! that's so crappy :-(. and yes, that's very true- now you have an entire year to prepare! and after going through this whole process, i can say that a year off isn't so bad... :-)

@olayak good luck!!!

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Absolutely haha. When I realized acceptances (Thanks, Ian Faircloud—please keep up the blog next admin. season!) had gone out from my first two PhD Philosophy programs and I hadn't heard a peep. 


I re-read automated emails over and over, searched through spam, and university websites looking for clues and confirmations of my decision. I didn't bother waiting for official rejection to freak the f*** out because I was convinced I was shut-out altogether. Tears, screaming at the people trying to help me, overwhelming self-doubt, the works,.


The whole process was even more difficult than I thought and I applied with too much on my plate (full-time undergrad, editor of my daily and quarterly university's publications, national honor club president, and intern). I'm heartbroken and nearly traumatized by the psychological toll the process took.


Most of the programs to which I applied are at the end of notification season, so I'm trying to hold out hope for something amazing, but it feels better bleak at this point. I completely get why people can't bring themselves to apply after getting shut out; this is way painful. Seeing all the rest of you losers makes me feel in good company, however.

I know I have one more round in me and will get started as soon as I hear back from the remaining schools.

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This process is so incredibly stressful, I literally thought I wasn't going to make it!!! Plus, I emotionally ate like crazy for two weeks!! After two interviews I finally heard back and accepted my first choice PsyD program - yay! Fingers crossed that you hear something soon!

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I would say there are other ways to cope with the bad news.

In what way doing something negative like crying, being mad all day, eating more than you should, etc... could help you solve the problem?

Rather than focusing on the problem, try to focus more on the solution.

You probably have plans A, B,C even D, so use them and if not, create alternative plans and remember to use them.


Hope this helps.

Best wishes


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