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Harvard Divinity School- M.Div Fall 2014


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I am planning to apply to the HDS M.Div program for the fall of 2014. I know it's really annoying to answer the "what are my chances" question, and I have read articles that say that you just have to be a good fit for the program to which you are applying- aka there are no formulas as to how one gets accepted. I understand that and it makes sense, but I'm just wondering if anyone out there can give me a frame of reference about HDS. I've done research about the program, of course, but it means a lot more coming from an alumna/i or a current student.

I will be graduating this May with a double major in Psychology and Biblical/Religious Studies (BA) from a small denominational college. I have a 3.94 GPA and I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I am planning to study like crazy. I usually do pretty well on tests, so I'm counting on a good GRE score. I am planning on having a letter of recommendation from an HDS alumna, whom I know personally. The other 2 letters of recommendation should be solid. I successfully completed 2 semesters of Elem. Greek I and II (and really enjoyed it).

My resume is as follows: Teaching Assistant for one of my Bible professors for 1 year, Resident Assistant in the dormitory for 1 year, Assistant director of at-risk youth ministry to unchurched and impoverished children and teens at a local church for 2 years (4 years of extensive volunteer experience in the ministry prior to the leadership position), Intern Chaplain at a hospital for one semester, cross-cultural experience serving in a short-term mission trip in the slums of Honduras, several years of volunteering in local churches (including ministries such as divorce-recovery program for kids, mentoring students, etc.)

Although I enjoy working on research projects immensely, I have never had any work formally published. My areas of research interest include women/gender issues and their relation to religion and social justice/poverty issues.

My Statement of Purpose will probably focus on my desire to explore the diversity and pluralism of the world in which we live, because ministry takes place in such a world. So often I see well-meaning but misguided people from my faith tradition attempting to extract ministry from the reality of the world, and it is sorely ineffective. Specifically, I desire to be a world-changer, an advocate for the poor and underprivileged, and a source of empowerment and encouragement to the improverished and socially rejected people. I believe that an M.Div from HDS will equip me to minister effectively in these situations. Social justice is a huge passion of mine and I truly feel a calling to work in a related area of ministry. In addition, HDS will prepare me academically AND practically through field education.

From having a quick look at my stats, interests, and passions, do you think that I am a good fit for HDS?

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