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Checking Application Status


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Hola to all other anxiously waiting folks out there.


So I'm in a weird place. I got a phone call telling me I was accepted to Yale's MAR, which is cool. Does anyone know if there's a way to check the status of other online applications, or do we just wait for e-mails/phone calls?


...I've heard tell that some people have heard from UChicago already, so I'm wondering if I should give up hope on Chicago and focus on waiting for the other ones, for example. 


Any help is appreciated. Here's a link about God in Downton Abbey as a distraction. 





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Congratulations on being accepted! :)

Was your application status via YDS website updated also?

There has been a lot of interest on these early acceptances for the MAR program.
Someone confirmed the other day with YDS admissions that early acceptance, before March 15, for the MAR program was "impossible".

That claim from YDS seems to have been rubbished :P

Did you apply by the Priority deadline?

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I did apply by the priority deadline, (comp in Hebrew Bible) so I figure the priority deadline situation has something to do with it...


I can't seem to figure out how to check my application status using the YDS website though, any help with that would be super-appreciated.

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from what I understand, where it says application "Status: Submitted" It should read application "Status: Accepted". Usually after that has been changed from "Submitted" to "Accepted" you will get an email to check the website for a change in your application status. If you have not yet noticed that change, I will suppose it is coming soonish and the call was just a courtesy notice in advance. :)

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I applied as late as one is possibly able, extended deadline on February 8th, due to financial issues getting the application fee :P

I just got a job in January, which didn't pay quite soon enough.
Therefore, I don't expect to hear anything for quite some time. My last recommendation actually just arrived on the 12th, also.
It is nice to see some Canadians broadening their post-secondary horizons beyond Canada. 

Most people I know seem to prefer England for some reason.
Good luck on your other applications.

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