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Applying without Publication(s)

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I'm curious if anyone has applied to a PhD Criminal Justice/Criminology program without publications? I have diverse research experiences. I will be applying next application cycle (approx. 1 year) and I'm concern that my current program (MSW) will be a disadvantage because its more practical focused. Therefore, we don't have a written thesis like most masters program.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any experience in this area specifically. My master's program did have a thesis requirement. However, I'm sure someone on this board may be able to offer some insight. I imagine when it comes to students entering MA/PhD programs they don't always have research experience and many times have not even attempted to publish anything as that's not usually a requirement in undergraduate programs. I'll keep looking out to hear similar stories. However, your practical experience is going to be very important in the application process. I encourage you to keep impeccable records of the practical experience you will have going into the application process and begin drafting ideas of how your practicums can be viewed as previous research experience.


Hope that helps a bit. If not, sorry :-(.

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We all have different profiles. I have 3 offers with full funding and no publications. Dont't worry about it... just make sure to present yourself in the best way possible. You sound like you have a lot of research experience and that is amazing!!!! Play that up! Make sure that you have a great SOP/research proposal and you will be fine. This time next year you will be celebrating all of your accepatance. :D

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