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Interview for an MA with teaching certification


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This is my first post here, so hello! I've looked through the archives and done a search but I wasn't able to find anything similar to this, so here goes:


I've been asked to an interview for an MA with initial teaching certification in early April. From what I've read of interview prep, the general consensus has been that you must know your qualifications, CV, and statement of purpose, as well as the school's program. Because this program will lead to NY State initial teaching certification, I don't have prior experience in the field I want to enter. I have relevant undergraduate qualifications and somewhat relevant work qualifications (though not in teaching). I'm having a hard time envisioning the types of questions the interview committee will ask for this type of program.


Any suggestions on how I can prepare?


Thanks in advance!

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I did a MAT (which gave me my initial license in music ed) a few years ago, and here were some questions I was asked: 


What inspires you to be a teacher?  (the "why are you here" question)

What experiences have you had that make you believe that this will be a successful educational program / degree for you?

What age group / population do you want to teach (usually several placements available because it may be a K-12 license, but you will want to concentrate on one age group; if unsure, then tell them you are unsure, they will respect that). 

Why THIS university?  (the "fit" question)


I hope those can get you started.  The interviewers will have scanned through your CV/resume, but you will want to use this opportunity to point out or remind them of details on there that make you unique, and things that you can bring to the university.  Also consider what you can get out of the university - look at their philosophy statements, if you can find them, mission statement, etc... and draw on those.  

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I just had an interview for a similar program in Washington state this past week.  Some questions they asked (those that I can remember) included:


  • What do you think the biggest problem in education is today? (I addressed this question from my own experiences and they then asked me to consider it from a teacher's perspective)
  • What do you expect to get out of this program?
  • What experiences do you have working with kids in a leadership role?
  • Why do you want to become a teacher?/What led you to this career path?
  • Why did you apply to this university?


I hope this was a little helpful.  Good luck with your interview!

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Thank you, Subsect! Your response is very helpful. A question: Did anyone in your interview (assuming it was a group) not have experience working with children? If so, how did they respond?


I don't have experience working with children in a leadership role. I do, however, work with non-native English speakers (adults) and have been doing so for the past 3 years. Considering that I'm going for TESOL, I would assume that this would work in my favor. If I get a question like that, I wouldn't want to make anything up. Is it worthwhile to answer honestly and succintly, or to answer honestly and refer to my experience with non-native English speakers?


Thanks again!

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