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First wave of acceptance/rejection letters are out but I haven't received anything


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Hello everyone,


I am applying to PhD statistics schools across the country.


I know from some friends and a few websites that some people have been accepted and some rejected from the same programs I am applying to, but I have not received anything.


Does anyone know what this means and why?


I am assuming I have been rejected but why haven't the schools informed me?


I am sure my applications are complete with all forms submitted and application fee paid.



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I got in all my top choices, but all my safety schools did not sent me any information. There are also a lot of acceptances for my safety school on this site. I don't think you are necessarily rejected. It takes time to organize offers and sent it to student.

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From what I've read on this website, many admission departments do "tiers."


Because the school wants to grab the best people before they commit to other places, they will send out acceptances to the best candidates as early as possible. They will also reject hopelessly underqualified candidates as well, as a courtesy to help them plan for other things.


The rest (the non-best, and the non-worst) are split into tiers again. The school looks at their Tier 1 students, see how many of them accept/reject, and then send out acceptances to Tier 2, see the accept/reject, and then repeat until slots are full.


Long story short: you are neither such a great candidate that you should be accepted immediatel, nor so bad that you should get dropped immediately.

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