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Assessing the Quality of Unranked Programs


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Curriculum of a program, faculty members in the program and their research. Ranking might give you a general idea but it never really is an absolutely accurate reference.

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That's a tough question. I would start by speaking to your profs (in the field). But you could look into the factors that contribute to rankings: publications within the department, program diversity, professional development, course offerings, placement record, etc.

Also, if they aren't ranked then it seems appropriate to gauge personal fit.

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I would take a good look at their graduate course offerings and compare that against a school that you consider to have a desirable ranking. Publication history, especially for your potential advisor, is another thing worth looking into. See how much of it is recent.


I also agree about looking at job placement lists. If they list them by year, compare the number who got jobs with the number of students who enter the program each year.

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