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  1. I did my special education master's degree at Pacific in 2006/7. I was at the Eugene campus, but overall I was pleased with the University. Forest Grove itself is on the very edge of the Portland area, near Hillsboro. I couldn't imagine living there without a car. If you'll be doing clinicals off campus, you will probably need one. Craigslist will give you a good idea of rent ranges, but I would talk to current students about where you will actually want to live as a student.
  2. I'll just offer my experience on student loans. They are quite the burden... I've been paying $425/mo for the past 7 years, with 8 to go. That's for my $50k private loans. I have another $50k of federal loans, that I paid $200/mo on for a few years (30 year plan) and have been on income based repayment for the last 2 with payments of $0. Luckily I'm a teacher, so in another 8 the balance will be forgiven for public service. Otherwise my total would be $800/mo for 15 years. I would love to buy a house right now, but can't. It was a tight few years when I paid for daycare and then was a s
  3. I'm a teacher, applying for educational leadership, so it may be different in my field. I graduated from my masters program in 2007. At this point, I figured my transcript would have to speak to my school abilities, and my LORs would have to speak about my work abilities at this point in my life. I asked my principal (immediate supervisor), a school psychologist in my building with amazing personal/university connections, my department supervisor, and another teacher who I've worked closely with for 8 years. In education it's expected that you've been working in the field for a number of y
  4. Yes. The graduate school at a university often has a minimum requirement that departments have to uphold. For example: http://gradschool.uoregon.edu/admissions/non-native-english-speakers
  5. Me too. My masters program started in April (while finishing my senior year of undergrad) and I got married in July. They gave me Friday off, I had my wedding Saturday, and was back to school Monday. I'm 29 now, still married plus 2 kids. Fall will be my first year of phd if I go.
  6. It sounds like they want you to tell them that you know what a phd can do for you in career terms, and that you understand what you'll be doing in a phd program. It's also another opportunity for them to get a writing sample from you of course. When I applied last spring, my potential advisor emailed me that as a follow up question as they were reviewing applications. She wanted to know if my research and career goals were compatible with the opportunitites she could provide me.
  7. Ohhh I see. From what I've seen around here, every Oregon licensure program (which is inside of a masters due to state requirements now) has a decent list of pre-reqs. Especially when it comes to secondary programs. They'll expect that you've majored in your content area and the masters portion will be pedagogy, instruction, education law, curriculum, assessments, etc. They want you to know the content you'll be teaching already, and their focus is teaching you how to teach it. Also, in Oregon programs aren't very research based, they're all about getting you into the classroom. That's s
  8. If you receive any type of funding based on a fraudulent application, they can require you to repay it. You could also get to a point where you are a long ways into your program, they find out, and then they can kick you out without allowing you to finish the degree. I'm in education so we are required to have complete background checks, including fingerprinting. My application did require complete transcripts from all schools attended.
  9. I have a MAT in special ed and it's never been an issue. I have been hired with it by 2 different districts and accepted into a phd program. I honestly didn't even realize there were different masters degrees when I did mine. I was pretty much focused on licensure so the masters itself was just a means to an end and to satisfy state licensure requirements. I majored in education studies and minored in special ed.
  10. SPED positions around here are pretty slim pickins, especially for my specific area of elementary life skills... I have a husband and 2 kids so I'm limited to this area geographically. Anyways, we're still thinking about it. The best for my family is me staying at my current position, since I'm teaching at my own kid's school and bringing in the health insurance and income. Best for me may be teaching, but my work load is getting insane (15 life skills students, 11 classified staff) and I miss the intellectual side of school and research. I do think if I decide to delay I could go in a few
  11. There's funding... if you look at their webpage they have a short description of their LINKS funding that is new this year. Looks like a great package and there's room for 6. They also have other leadership grants, and GTF funding that is pretty good. I did my undergrad at UO, then my masters/licensure at Pacific University. I'll look through my email form last year to see how many were accepted in the first round. I turned in a late application and was accepted off the waitlist. eta: nevermind, I don't know how many were initially accepted. I know that by March 4 they had 5 people a
  12. I have a deferred acceptance to Uoregon I'm trying to decide on... I have my masters so would be doing a phd. Funding didn't come through in time for me last spring so I accepted a teaching job for this year. Now I have to figure out which direction to go...
  13. I would keep my commitment and follow funding personally.
  14. I think you're making a lot of assumptions based on very little information.
  15. Some schools will allow you to wait a year to begin school if there is a reason to do so. My school said if I would like to I can defer my admission for one year to be considered for funding with the Fall 2014 applicants. I would be on the accepted list for 2014 without resubmitting my materials. Some schools don't allow this option though.
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