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SUNY Albany?


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So, I just received this e-mail from SUNY Albany on my phone while I was out grocery shopping. I briefly skimmed it and came to the conclusion that I was on a wait list. But after coming home and re-evaluating the e-mail, I'm not so sure anymore. Anyone else receive this e-mail? Can someone interpret this for me?

"Dear xxxxxxx,

The Graduate Admissions Committee has finished completing our review of

applicant files, and we were very impressed with your application.

Unfortunately, due to the current budget situation facing the University

at Albany, we were forced to dramatically reduce the number of

assistantships we can offer this year. We have placed you in the top group

of our waiting list for funding. We should have more information after

March 27, and we hope to be able to be in touch shortly thereafter with

more information about your application status.

I am sorry not to be able to provide more definitive information to you.

In an ordinary year, we would most certainly have offered you a full

tuition scholarship and assistantship with stipend. We are still hopeful

that we will be able to do so this year, but in the meantime I think it is

only fair that we be fully transparent about our situation and your


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hey dude! fancy meeting you here, lol. :-) it's definitely a wait list letter, but it seems to me that you are highly ranked on it. if you're really interested in going, let them know that so they can bump you up!

i was accepted in Suny Albany with a proviso that i have to give them my decision by March 27th. I will not be accepting their offer, but i def encourage you to poke and prod them if albany is at the top of your list. good luck! :-)

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DEFINITELY a wait list letter. Although if you were willing to attend without funding, they'd probably be open to it.

My USC waitlist letter was really similar. Mentioned the economy, made it sound like "we really want you, but we just can't afford you." That's about as good as those letters get, really :)

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