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Accepted to One School... Contact Others?

Captain Crunch

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Hi all!


I applied to six graduate programs in geology. I don't want to seem overbearing, but I need help deciding whether to contact schools that I have not heard from.


So far I have received:


*one offer of admission


*one interview


That leaves four schools that I have not heard from. 


Should I go ahead and contact the remaining schools? If so, should I mention that I was already accepted to another school when I contact the POI in my program?


The professor who I would be working with is already asking me about potential research projects and I feel like it would be inappropriate to wait until April 15th until I respond with my decision about the offer.


Any advice/ personal experience in this area would be greatly appreciated!

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has it been more than 6 weeks since your applications to the other schools were considered "complete"/"processed"?

if yes: send a polite email to the department contact person (chair or secretary)

if no: wait until 6 weeks have passed, then refer to "if yes"

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it depends on the situation, really- it seems like other users here have found delicate ways to mention it, if their decision making process is coming down to funding. however, if you're just curious about when you'll be hearing back, i wouldn't mention it.

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I would only mention the other schools in a relevant way, not just to boast about other acceptances because that might not look too good. For instance, when I have inquired about the status of my application I have mentioned the reason why I am asking is because I am trying to plan my travel schedule for the various visiting weekends and don't want to schedule anything during the time of their visiting weekend in case I might hear back from them since they are my top choice/one of my top choices. But don't say this if it is not true!! I would only inquire with schools that are game changers, that you are likely to attend if accepted. If you think there's a chance you'd be happy at all of the schools you're waiting on, I would contact them all.

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