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  1. year one: done! time to move & enjoy some down time before summer fieldwork starts.

  2. It's not the cheapest, but I swear by CeraVe lotion. I've always got dry, super sensitive skin, & it gets infinitely worse during the winter here, no matter how much tea & water I drink. My dermatologist recommended CeraVe to me after a few weeks of miserable winter skin. Also, organic, milk-based soaps with oatmeal or coffee & minimal perfumes are excellent for exfoliating dry skin without making it worse.
  3. Invest in microspikes, & familiarize yourself with the layout of the new locale & public transportation in the area as best you can. REI gear sales are amazing for finding top quality, sturdy winter clothes at a reasonable price. Ditto the websites The Clymb, Evo, & SteepAndCheap! Depending on where you're going & what your housing situation will be like, you could also look into whether there are options for subsidized home-winterizing. I invested in a 10,000 lux "happy lamp" (Seasonal Affective Disorder/SAD "sun" lamp), since I live in a cold & overcast place, & it wa
  4. one classmate got their ideal job i helped set them up with, & another got a prestigious scholarship! i think i'm more excited about their funding than my own. :)

  5. Traveled, in the US: 29 of the 50 states, but I won't bore you with a list. I need to make it out to AK, HI, & the middle states. Lived, in the US: Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Missoula; central VA, rural Far NorCal, the East Sierra in CA, suburban NJ. Traveled, outside the US: Canada, Mexico, St. Kitts, Nevis, Bermuda, Puerto Rico (I guess it's technically the US), Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Belize, Guatemala, St. John's, St. Thomas, Virgin Gorda, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, England, Wales. Lived, outside of the US: Australia. I'm really lucky to have grown up as an only child wi
  6. Depends on your style, but well made rain boots or waterproof boots (e.g., Tretorn & Sorel boots of varying heights & interior fluffiness) are a good investment. I'm not sure what the worst rainfall to expect in Seattle would be, but having a nice pair of fluffy, short Sorels here in MT has proven to be an awesome decision. Also, again, depends on your style & the details of the weather, but having a couple of different coats can be useful: one for rain & heavy snow, one for less intense weather. I have an insulated, waterproof snow jacket, & a medium weight wool peacoat.
  7. Going out to eat can be expensive in that neck of the woods, but when I lived in San Francisco, I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable groceries were, especially produce! Farmers markets are especially awesome if you eat a lot of produce. I don't know if they've got one in SC, but the Safeway I went to in SF was big enough that using my membership card (free) & shopping for sale foods was always good. I miss my enormous, perfectly ripe $1 avocados.. all I have now are small, overripe avocados at $3.50 a pop.
  8. It depends on your relationship with them, I think. I'm sort of the family oddball on both sides, so my confused relatives have been giving me money in lieu of gifts for years. When I was younger, I saved most of it, so that was what actually allowed me to afford two field schools down the road. When I graduated from college, I didn't send out announcement cards or anything, but my parents (who are separated) were so proud of me they bragged to every relative they could, & as word traveled down the "enormous Irish Catholic family" grapevine, congratulatory cards & checks started arrivi
  9. Ooh, I like Founders' Centennial! I'm not sure I've had anything from the rest. Montana has a ridiculous amount of breweries; it's on par with Oregon in the Portland & Bend areas. Big Sky is the most famous, but for the most part, there are lots of smaller craft brewers who operate on a local, regional, or state level. In Missoula proper, we've got at least 5 breweries, not including the Big Sky one, which is further out of town anyhow. We have lots of brewfests throughout the year, & even the one in the middle of winter still gets 20+ in-state brewers. It's awesome!
  10. In Léon: The Professional, I love the end scene where Mathilda (itty bitty Natalie Portman) is planting Léon's beloved houseplant in the school grounds, & addresses it by his name.
  11. As a Montana resident: I kid, I kid (well, kind of). Out of curiosities, what breweries are in MI? I'm really only aware of what's around me in MT, plus breweries near places I've lived (mostly northern & central CA).
  12. At my alma mater, graduates in the Archaeology, Classics, Ancient Greek, & Latin programs — at most, 20 students combined — received a laurel crown in lieu of a traditional cap. Turns out laurels are really sticky & having plant matter on your head will really make you stick out in a crowd. The university also allows students to customize their caps, so people got really creative! Some examples from my friends: one got a burnt out light bulb & made it stick straight up in the center of his cap, another adhered a portable solar panel/charger & charged his phone during all-studen
  13. Ooh, I like the Excel idea! I usually use color-coded sticky notes alongside a handwritten list (also color-coded), but in my effort to get used to doing everything on my laptop, I think I'll try that for my next lit review. Although it may seem obvious, if you have a writing center at your disposal, use it! I haven't been able to schedule a full appointment yet, but after a 2-hour lit review workshop with someone from our writing center, complete with 5 or so helpful handouts, I feel way better about my writing. They have staff in every broad field (e.g., social sciences), & they can
  14. pears

    Child free

    I'm 23, & I'm not sure whether I want to have kids. I've given some thought to the possibility of being a foster parent (with a partner/spouse) in lieu of adopting or having kids. There's also a possibility that a serious illness I had 4 years ago & its treatments have left me unable to have children, &, even if I can, I'd almost certainly have to get a C-section, which I am not super down with. My "10 year hopes/plan" is very much centered around me, where I'd like to live, the possibility of pursuing a PhD, etc.; I don't even see parenthood as being remotely feasible until I'm in
  15. Also worth noting: I remember seeing a Cost of Living index of sorts once, & my small city is somewhere around the national average, perhaps a bit lower, in terms of expected food costs. I'm a pescatarian, too, & I have very little dairy in my diet, so I think I save a lot of money by not having beef, poultry, pork, or cheeses (well, besides a wedge of brie per month, because it's a guilty pleasure) in my regular grocery runs.
  16. I spend around $150 monthly; mostly granola bars for snacks, fresh veggies (& some frozen, but obviously the fresh ones are cooked first), cuts of fish from the butcher counter, & a few Lean Cuisines for when I'm busy. I get some discounts with a membership card to a major chain whose produce I like. At the start of the academic year, I bought dry goods in bulk: red lentils, quinoa, couscous, steel cut & rolled oats, almonds, etc. So, a lot of my diet involves familiar recipes with these base items. When the farmers markets start up again, my cost will remain the same, but I'll be
  17. may have helped a friend who was denied funding (total bs!) a perfect summer job! c'mooon universe, be nice to us!

  18. I'm a girl (I would hardly call myself a lady!) & I live in a house with 4 guys. When I was in undergrad & living off-campus, I lived in a house with 5 guys & 1 girl. FWIW, I'm cisgender, & I think "queer" is the closest approximation to my orientation. I agree that guys are typically messier in the kitchen, but, besides that, I imagine it's the same as it would be if I were living in an all-girl house where all of the roommates clicked. I don't know how or why I've ended up living with mostly guys, but I'm more concerned about personality & how our lifestyles mesh than gen
  19. Domino's parmesan bites... & crunchy lava cakes... & pasta... & pizza. The NJ/NYC native in me is so disappointed & the lactose intolerance in me is so angry, but, mmmm, dat garlicky buttery dough. Also, I have a soft spot for Studio Ghibli films, as well as absolutely awful D-list "horror" films the 50s & 60s.
  20. I started using essential oils for aromatherapy & herbal teas (mostly for relaxation & sleep, but also for my tum when I get stressed out), & I've been pleasantly surprised by how helpful they are! They take minimal effort to find & use, but make a big difference. For example, I have one of those little lavender-scented pellet bags that can be heated up & placed on my neck or over my eyes, & I have a tea for relaxation that I keep a mug of next to me when I'm doing late night work. I also invested in a lavender-bergamot massage oil for when my back gets tense, & I k
  21. CUNY Hunter is in the neighborhood that I call home! Send a PM my way if you have any questions.
  22. I agree with both of these pieces of advice! If you intend to try applying again to a particular program next season, it might be helpful to mention that, & suss out the kind of response you get; although it's not necessarily a perfect indicator of what a POI's personality or overall program "culture" is like, you might find that some folks will be more helpful than others. Also, crummy as it may seem, an M.A. as a stepping stone may be worth considering, if there are any programs that appeal to you. I'm really happy I decided to do a terminal M.A. first! It's helped me narrow my interests
  23. I'm technically in the "general" M.A. track. My areas of interest are primarily mortuary archaeology & federal archaeology (NAGPRA, heritage management, etc.), & the program was perfect for me; I have the freedom to take an even mix of archaeology, heritage, & forensic/bioarch classes. I absolutely love the people & the program/department here, & Missoula in general, so let me know if you'd like me to keep you posted on things. Save for the faculty scramble, I have nothing but good things to say!
  24. I've never donated blood, mostly because of health issues. It's a shame, too, since I'm O-negative, which I think is the so called "universal donor" type. I'm super needle-phobic & have had blood drawn too many times to count, but I really hope I can donate one day! Also, I've never tweeted or driven stick.
  25. Of course! If I had more info, I'd share it, but all I've heard is that things are rather up in the air for us right now. Dr. Ousley does amazing work! Lucky you.
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