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  1. i realllyyyy dont think it will come to that- if you call the administration and try and talk to them, i am sure some option will be reached
  2. I agree...I think at the Undergrad level, its all about waht you do with your opportunities, and how you form and shape yourself a potential researcher. but, for your question, do you mean does it matter for grad school? for work ? for what are you asking specifically
  3. no no , you are clear, i was just thinking out loud- like i know what you mean, but its crazy that this divide is actually real, and you guys have all experienced it. Its almost like....US populations (modern) are not worth the academic effort. I know its not THAT, but thats what it comes across as. Thank you guys for bringing up this interesting issue! I am sure next year some applicants will benefit from this immensely. I have another q- couldn't an applicant avoid this trap by formulating their research qs more globally, while still being able to engage in US based research ?
  4. hahah i understand but correct me if I am wrong, other "lands" have many civilized groups of people living there, perhaps even more "civilized" than in the US
  5. I am not a cultural anthro person, but may i ask, exactly why is it that America- based anthro projects are not considered "anthro" enough? WHat does it matter what region you are looking at?
  6. So i found out i was rejected from Pittsburgh by the graduate secretary- formal email.
  7. thank you ! I cleared up the issue anyway! That IS the school
  8. thank you! unfortunately, i had that feeling that i had done something wrong AFTER i signed....But ...I felt that what the department has its own funds i guess...
  9. I got my official letter of acceptance from the Graduate School, not from the department. however, there is a discrepancy in the funding the program offers vs. the funding that the school has written on the letter. Who should I believe???
  10. WOW congrats on the Yale and Berkeley offers! Very happy for you guys! Just accepted my offer from Notre Dame University
  11. Please PM me, and i would be glad to give you some info
  12. ArcheoGreek, I applied to that program last year, if you would like some info, please PM me if you would like to talk.
  13. As you can see, from all of the posters above who shared their story, your hope is no wear NEAR gone. As you have been medicated and your grades are improving, i am sure that whatever university you choose to apply to after the community college hurdle, will value that. You are not too old, and you wont be too old > my 40 year old friend just got into graduate school. In 3 years , my 42 year old friend will be applying......if it is a dream , you should chase it till you are 10000. Dont give up! Its very hard to get depressed when you look too much into the future. Stay focused on your g
  14. HAHAHA godzilla......no more rejections, no more rejections...
  15. I have not been here in like...36hrs, and i come back to all of this great great news!! !WOOO HOOOOO you guys, ,i am so overjoyed for all of us! Especially when i see applicants that did not make it last time and now have all of this positive news to rejoice in! Happy!!!
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