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IR Thoughts on Korbel, TAMU Bush, and U of K Patterson


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Hello all,



I've read numerous threads regarding the elite "Inside the Beltway" programs, but haven't read much about the reputation of Korbel, Bush, or Patterson. I have been accepted into Korbel, but the private tuition costs are hard to fathom.



I'm patiently waiting to hear back from Patterson on admittance. I spoke to their director, Ambassador Cavanaugh, at a graduate school recruitment event and was impressed with their program. I haven't really heard anything about them on this forum. Thoughts on Patterson?


TAMU Bush School

Also, I've been impressed so far with the Bush School at TAMU. The program is cost effective, has an appealing curriculum, and has a strong federal placement rating. Since reading some of these forums I've become a bit discouraged thought. I haven't read a single post explaining why the program is considered bottom-tier nor heard from a current student from TAMU.


I am highly motivated to become a Foreign Service Officer. I'm drawn to Korbel because they have the joint campus in DC and their prestige; however, $36000 a year plus living expenses seems like an irresponsible amount of debt to incur for a master's degree. Patterson's program has a strong diplomacy curriculum, a small class size, and great employment outlook plus their program is only 1.5 years which is nice. The Bush School is $11000 a year and their employers list is strong. Thoughts?

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I didn't apply to all the same schools you did, but I've also been accepted at Korbel. I'm just curious about the 'prestige' that you mentioned, since I haven't seen a lot about them online apart from posts on this forum saying that they're a solid (if second-tier) school. I'm currently torn on the Denver location, actually - most people who've been vocal about their acceptance seem to love it, but I'm still concerned about employability afterward. Wish I could help you more on your questions, but perhaps you could weigh in on some of my thoughts?


36k doesn't sound like an absurd amount of money to me anymore though, but this might be because of the 40+ and 50+ estimates I'm seeing from some of the 'bigger' schools.

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I also would like some input on Korbel, as I was accepted there as well.  All I've been reading seems to consider it as a fringe top tier/second tier program.  It was ranked 11 by Foreign Policy last year for international relations, which is solid.  If it is the only place I get accepted I will definitely go, but right now I'm leaning towards options with better locations.  My dream school is SIPA (Talk about grad debt hah) but Seton Hall's Whitehead is seeming more realistic at this point.  I am pretty determined to go ahead and get my Master's right out of undergrad to get all of my schooling out of the way.

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I also got into korbel with 12000 in funding. I know very little about the real reputation of the school. I've also never really been to Denver. I hear the campus is in a nice part of town. I'm wondering about how feasible it is to not have a car there. One of the things I like about the school is the study abroad in d.c. option but I'm also curious about how good of a idea that is in practice. I have been very impressed with their communication since my admit. Makes me feel like administratively the school might be well run, which is something I've been spoiled with since doing my undergraduate at middlebury.

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