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Dual Degree - MSW/MPH

Kim K

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Hi! I wanted to start a forum for people interested in dual degrees, specifically the MSW/MPH combination. I applied for this dual program at 4 schools and so far I've been accepted to both MSW & MPH at Columbia and the MPH at BU. For anyone that doesn't know and might be interested, admissions for these programs is tricky because you have to get into two separate schools (e.g., the school of social work and the school of public health) at the same university. I decided to apply simultaneously right out of undergrad instead of applying to one program and then applying to the other program in my first year.

......However, now I'm having second thoughts about whether or not I really want/need the MSW, considering my undergrad degree is in applied psychology and I took a lot of social work-related courses. I know I need more education in public health than in social work, and I'm worried that I might not get that if I do the dual degree. It's also another year of tuition bills to pay. For reference, I'm interested in community/macro-level work (administration, policy), not clinical work.

If anyone has any thoughts/experience, I would appreciate it!!

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