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  1. Might not be. you will stress this decision now and be pleased with either. Columbia could put you in a better position because they have one of the strongest administration and management tracks in the country. I was clinical in a macro school and loved the balance. Fordham is fantastic as well but yes very clinical. You will learn that these distinctions can become arbitrary. It is more important if you want to do clinical to do a strong clinical program because you want terminal skills that will make you a good therapist. it is less clear when it comes to administration....
  2. You are going to do fine with either but I would say if Fordham is comperably expensive go columbia. I went to Columbia and loved it and now I am about to enter into a PhD there for social work.
  3. For a masters it is less problematic than a PhD. I would do it and just eat the cost because of your extenuating circumstances. These things happen.
  4. Any PhD Students get rejection notices yet?
  5. Does not sound realistic at all. What would be their motivation? Reputation is so important in this world and for them to do that would be a tragic mistake. I have never heard of a school doing such a thing with out a reason such as academic dishonesty, lying or legal troubles. Just send them an e-mail and if you must, call the admissions office.
  6. For phd applicants they have sent out all acceptances already.
  7. Any phd that is 3 yrs just seems too short to me. Coursework and dissertation and comps what a rush. Maryland is 5 minimum Rutgers 4, Albany 4
  8. Maybe since it is 10 yrs old numbers have changed but none of those are Consistent with any of the schools I spoke with. U Michigan I imagine is Way below 20% and NYU is extremely competitive as well. That seems very dated or inaccurate on someone's part. I imagine it is below 15 to 10 percent for many and below ten for many others.
  9. I was told columbia gets 110 applicants for about 8 and U Chicago according to last years stats kn their website gets 110 for 6. At 20% U Michigan is not the most selective phd social work program by a long shot. I would imagine it is Berkeley followed by WashU, Chicago, Columbia, and Penn.
  10. Hey everyone congrats on your acceptances and wise choice to think prudently. I will respond to you all tonight or early tomorrow when I get home. I would be happy to provide pros and cons of the school and industry specific details throughout this process. Until later!
  11. I figured. Thanks for your reply! I imagine all letters have gone out. For the rest you you have you gotten tons of promotional e-mails? I got a letter today that was addressed to the NYU - Wagner community for a school specific career fair. Seems odd to me. Did anyone else get this? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, Has anyone heard anything form this program. Interview? Admission? I think it would be good to have a thread for people to post their questions as the date of notification approaches. When the news arrives: For those who are admitted are you going to accepted offers? Where else is everyone considering? I am deciding between several options USC/Kennedy and some others. I would like to hear what about others' situations. Best, Phil
  13. Hi, Columbia grad here. They do their admissions in waves. There are more to come. Especially as people turn them down. I think this is becoming less prominent but they have admitted students as late as April/may depending on how competitive you are/when you submitted your application. Keep in mind they get a lot of applicants for a lot of seats which means things will unfold fairly gradually. At least that was how it was done when I applied a few years back. Regarding funding/fellowhips I ended up with about 25k over the two years + a 10k loan repayment fellowship all merit based an
  14. Got into the PhD program! wahoo! Congrats to everyone. I went to Columbia for my masters in social work so if you have any questions feel free to let me know. I know the program well.
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