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  1. I have decided to attend Columbia! I had a very hard time with the decision as well and basically waited as long as possible to make it. For me, it came down to choosing the program I felt was the best fit for me. Now that I've made the decision, I feel really great about it knowing that I am going to the school that is right for me, personally. Good luck to you in your decision making!
  2. I've decided to attend Columbia's 2 year program! Very excited to begin this new chapter and to be done with the grad school process!
  3. Hey! So, my meeting with the director of admissions went well, I think. I have to wait about a week to hear if I will receive any more money--I received half tuition in scholarship from another school and I presented that information in my meeting. She basically said she couldn't guarantee anything but she would see what she could do. She also gave me an extension on submitting my intent to enroll because I won't hear about scholarship info from another school until mid-April. Overall, she was incredibly nice and helpful and even if Columbia doesn't work out for me, I have nothing but wonderfu
  4. Thanks! I definitely agree about Columbia's Admissions Office. I have been so impressed with them throughout this whole process. Even if I don't end up attending I definitely will still have a great impression of the program and the school because of them!
  5. I will definitely let you know how it goes! My meeting is this Friday. I totally feel you about the loans...hopefully we are both able to get at least a little more money!
  6. Thanks! I am not sure yet! I really want to but I didn't receive that much more aid from my appeal. I have a meeting next week with the director of admissions to discuss my situation and see if there is any way we can work past some of the financial barriers so I can attend. I am trying to be optimistic but also don't want to get my hopes up! If I don't end up going to Columbia then I will go to UNC which I would be very happy with as well.
  7. No problem! I hope you get some good news
  8. Mine took a week from the time I appealed to when I received my updated package.
  9. I initially emailed the financial aid office and they directed me to the director of admissions, Debbie Lesperance. I basically stated that Columbia was my number one choice and that I was grateful for the initial scholarship offer but was still concerned about the cost due to the fact that I am coming straight out of undergrad and will be relocating from out of state. I also mentioned that I had been accepted to my state school which would be much more affordable due to in-state tuition.
  10. I had one very minor scholarship offer from Fordham but was also admitted to my state school where I would receive in-state tuition, so I used that to leverage. I didn't even mention Fordham's scholarship because it was so minor. I think as long as you express your concerns and make it known that you really want to come to Columbia they should consider awarding you at least a little more money.
  11. My appeal was granted today and I was given $2,000 more per semester, making my total award $22,000 per year (including $4,000 of work study per year). I'm still very hesitant due to the cost of living in NY...I'm not sure if I should try to appeal a second time or not. Columbia is my first choice but the price tag and the cost of living is just so daunting!
  12. How long did it take to hear back from them about your appeal? I appealed and the last thing I heard from them was that it was under review last Thursday. Not sure if it's good or bad that I haven't heard anything :/ sorry you won't be attending Columbia but good luck to you!
  13. Just got my acceptance letter! Will have to wait to see how the financial aid package looks before I can make a decision but am still very pleased.
  14. This is the package I received as well. I reached out to the school to see if they could offer me any more so I am waiting on that. I was lucky enough to come out of undergrad without any debt, so I am considering taking out the loans to afford Columbia, though it is very daunting. I'll wait until I hear back about my appeal to make my decision.
  15. I just received my financial aid package via email (I was accepted last week to the regular 2-year program). It was much better than I was expecting but I am still hesitant about the cost of attendance even after the scholarship...I will definitely be appealing for more. Fingers crossed it works! Congrats to everyone who was accepted today!
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