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  1. Actually, sorry to disagree with you Lifesaver, but I think that some MSW programs with a heavy clinical focus such as NYU would fit the bill. I completed my MSW at NYU and a great number of their core courses and electives were focused on psychotherapeutic techniques and how they applied to human behavior. Moreover, a number of term-long and mini electives were on different psychodynamic theories, and, if memory serves, there were several electives on CBT. These courses were taught by very experienced psychotherapists and analysts. While, the NYU courses didn't provide enough hands on traini
  2. Hi justastudent, I have decided to attend Columbia too! I am super excited. I will PM you!
  3. Hi there, Where would you like to work in the end? If you want to work in the US, then you should certainly go to Stanford. I have many close friends who have completed their PhD's in the humanities and social sciences at Oxford or Cambridge and have struggled to find jobs in the US, especially against US students who have completed degrees at the Ivies or similar (i.e. Stanford etc.). I am not sure the same issue exists for individuals with American degrees wanting to work in Europe! However, if you want to work in Europe, then Oxford should be just fine. You should certainly keep this in m
  4. Hi ANS17, First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I understand that these choices can be overwhelming, so I will try to help, but I can only tell you about my experiences as a student at NYU. Honestly, for me NYU's Silver School was a great place to do an MSW. I felt incredibly supported by all the faculty; they all seem genuinely interested in their students, and are willing to help you carry out independent research, publish, find work placements and if unable to help, direct you to faculty members who might be more appropriate. Academically, while most MSW programs are not extremely difficult, I d
  5. Hey, I am quite sure I am acting in a manner that is crazy, but could a PhD program withdraw their offer? I received an excellent offer. I attended the open day, paid the deposit and then I haven't heard anything. I know the money left my account, but they haven't acknowledged receiving the deposit. I was told once they received the money they would allocate me a University ID number to enable me to begin getting my visa, I am an international student. I have emailed them and still nothing. I am concerned because another program has just contacted me to say that find my application "very ex
  6. Hey there, This is my first post. So, I am currently attending a PhD program at a fairly good university lets call it A, when I applied to A I did some research on their website about their faculty's interest areas. When I met with the program coordinator after I was accepted I was assured that there would be a research match for me at the university. However, when I started I was informed that the faculty member I had shared interests with had left to work at another institution, additionally, those that had had similar research interests to mine "had moved on and were investigating other to
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