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So right now I'm in a Master's program in Biochem and I want to get a Ph.D in neuro afterwards. I'm being trained to work in a neuro lab right now and plan on doing research throughout the next year and a half. I had a question about picking a thesis option vs a non thesis option. If I'm still doing research and having papers published....would there be an advantage to picking the thesis option over the non thesis option (in terms of admissions)? Or a non thesis over a thesis?

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that depends on where your name appears on the publications. If you are the first author on the papers then you do not need to do a the thesis options since your position in the paper will be able to communicate strongly that you can write. if you are second or lower then doing the thesis option would be better. 

it also depends on the ranking of the schools you plan to apply to. if they are top 20 then a thesis would make your applications stronger. 

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