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UPenn arch?


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Hey all, 


I've seen a number of posts going back several years about UPenn's cultural anthro reputation (it looks pretty good!), but the posts on here have been pretty silent about archaeology at Penn. Does anyone have any insight? Are they a pretty much cultural department with a smattering of archs? Would it be worth it to turn down a state school with a solid reputation in archaeology to go to Penn? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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It has a very, very solid reputation in archaeology, at least according to my adviser. Actually he said that it is considered to be one of the best archaeology schools, and it extremely difficult to get into. Robert Preucel and Robert Schuyler are major names in archaeology, and there seem to be a number of other archaeologists on the faculty. Some major names in Archaeology today graduated from Penn. It might depend on your concentration and the state school. Are we talking about Berkeley and Michigan? In most cases, if Penn will fully fund you, yes it would definitely be worth it turn down the state school. 

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Sweetpearl, thank you so so much! This is really wonderful news! My program and advisor are mostly applied and have had no comment about Penn. I've been wait listed by them but accepted by a state school and wasn't sure if I should go ahead and commit to the state school or not. I'll definitely wait!!

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