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Accepted Students Poll: Do you have an MA?

Accepted Students Poll: Do you have an MA?  

76 members have voted

  1. 1. Students accepted to English PhD progams: Will you have completed an MA by the time you start your PhD program?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. To those who answered Yes: Was your MA funded?

    • Yes, it was funded
    • No, it was not funded
    • Partially funded

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Yep, I think this is a good topic. Exactly half of the people invited to the Emory interview had (or were in the process of getting) MAs. People tend to slight MAs, but it seems like applying with MAs is far more common than people commonly think. (Granted, this probably varies widely by Ph.D. programs.) I certainly felt like having the degree from a good school benefited me and played a very large part in why I was accepted.

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Ish. I have a one-year taught MLitt and am in the process of doing a one-year research MLitt (in Scotland)... so it is postgraduate work, but neither of them have the same emphasis on professionalisation that the MA does (or at least, as much as the MA/PhD program that my fiancee is currently going through).

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your poll is screwed up. if you try to answer "no" on the first question and leave the second blank, it gives you an error message and doesn't count the vote. that's why it's so skewed to "yes" - the people who would've answered "no" prob gave up. also why you have the same # of votes in the first poll as the second, which doesn't make sense - people answering no just picked a random answer for the second, which doesn't apply to them.

also i came in with a BA but i definitely didn't come "straight from undergrad."

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I will have a Masters in Education...I found dipping outside of the discipline helped my odds at teaching-focused universities, but not so much at the big research schools. I think it depends on the culture. Some professors really want that young, malleable mind. Others don't.

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