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Speech Pathology - Texas Schools

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Hi guys,

I'm applying for speech-path programs and I was wondering if anyone had heard back from schools such as, Baylor, TCU, ACU, Texas State, Texas Women's University, UNT or Stephen F. Austin?


Also, has anyone heard good or bad things about any of these programs in particular? Thanks!!  :)



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Just FYI, you may want to post this on the SLP forum under the "Professional Programs" category :) I also applied to Baylor (summer start) and TCU.  TCU said their committee doesn't even meet until their spring break, so we won't hear anything until very late March. I also know TCU only admits 15 students, so it is extremely competitive and they have to reject some great applicants.  


I think the Baylor program seems neat because it is only 4 semesters, meaning  would do Summer 13, Fall 13, Spring 14, Summer 14, then graduate (and start earning money!). However, it is pretty expensive and in a small town which may be a turn off.

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Ohh ok yes I'll definitely post it over there haha I just joined gradcafe! Oh wow good to know about TCU, thanks! Yes, I think the Baylor program sounds great  :) , but yeah the cost is definitely a downside

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