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Environmental engineering vs biological engineering and opinions on a program


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Hello everyone,


I am a current 2nd year undergraduate biology student. I am pre-dental, but I am now exploring my options. Can anyone familiar with these programs please tell me what the difference is between the two? I have done a fair amount of research, but I haven't come up with too much just yet.


What is the job prospects for these two professions? Avg salary and starting salary? An interesting question, what level of math is used in these fields? Is there a lot of field work? How does it compare to traditional engineering?


Also, I am transferring from my current school next fall. I could either go to Georgia Tech or University of Georgia(both in-state tuition, plus scholarship)


It's risky, because I lose a lot if I go to Tech for environmental engineering. I am a bio major, and I'm quite behind on the maths. I will likely end up delaying graduation by a semester anyways. If I choose to do dental school, then I'll be screwed with a dismal GPA and crappy undergraduate biology program.


Tech doesn't have biological engineering and UGA's program is ranked 11th in the nation. On the other hand, UGA's college of engineering is brand new. They just formed in 2012. The biological & agricultural engineering degrees have been offered and accredited for sometime, but I wonder the perception of the program as a whole. I also know that UGA is pretty good for ecology and plant biology...would a new engineering program be a significant hinderance?


Furthermore, I have dedicated all my time and resources to the pre-dental biology track(wanted to do DMD/PhD or DMD/MS). I have amazing ECs but they're all pre-health related(I was pre-pharmacy before)


Biological engineering has so-so job prospects according to BLS

Environmental engineering has decent job prospects according to BLS


Most people say BLS is useless. 


Any advice? 





Here are my potential programs.

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Ask these programs about the placement of their graduates - they probably have a list of companies that their grads have gone to work for.  They might have average starting wages (or at least an idea) as well.


You could also ask them if there are any grads you could contact.  You could also find some grads on your own and approach them (nicely) via email.

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