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I know that several of you have been accepted to RPI's PhD program. Has anyone gotten any form of funding offers yet though? I have been accepted in January, and two of the professors that I have been in contact with said that I was being considered for TA and the decisions will be made in weeks to come. Nothing so far. I emailed the graduate cordinator about a week ago, but didn't get any response from her.

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I had a phone conversation with the coordinator a couple of weeks ago, and basically heard the same thing.  Offers are coming, but the final decisions haven't been made yet.  We also talked about their visitation weekend coming up next month.  I am very eager to hear back, though.  As other offers start coming in, I'm becoming more and more aware of how critical funding is in my ultimate decision.

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I spoke to Dr. Mitchell earlier today and heard much of the same.  They hope to have the funding situation together "In the coming weeks".  What I know:


Stipend: $18k/year guaranteed for 4 years.  Afterwards, students are expected to be supported via Research Grants.  Tuition waived.


I forgot to ask whether the tuition waiver covered fees or healthcare as well.


What are you guys considering?

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