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Binghamton University Fall 2013

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Hi everyone! I wanted to start a Bing thread. Currently, I'm finishing up my MA in literature there and am a PhD hopeful for the fall. Given the late, late, late application deadline (Feb. 15), it takes awhile for admissions decisions to get made. Here's hoping, though! It's a truly incredible program -- I couldn't imagine myself happier anywhere else, even though I've applied to other places.


I created this post in case anyone else is applying there or is interested in learning more about the school, the faculty, or the area. If I'm still there in the fall, I'd be glad to show new people around town or be a point of contact while you navigate the beginnings of your life there! 



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Update: I am accepted and beyonddd fully-funded for the PhD, and am happier than happy! Again, any folks who have been accepted there or who want to know more about the program: I'm your girl!

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I'm on the waitlist for funding.   If anyone granted funding is waffling, I'll take it please!

Good luck! I hope it all works out for you. :-) The program is great!

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Thanks to kareneliz for starting this thread.


I am an international application to the PhD program in English at Binghamton this year. I haven't got a result, but I know my application is still being considered.

The thing that bothers me is that I have been warned not to go to Binghamton. Again, as an international applicant, I don't know much about US universities, but the ranking of the English department at BU seems decent enough for me.

I know that some universities have very unbalanced reputation in the States and abroad. I wonder if this is one of the cases. Also, I know that the professor who warned me against BU might hold a very high standard (she went to Minnesota). And because studying abroad is more expensive than studying in my home country, people usually only consider the "best" universities as worth going to.



Thank you :)

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