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University of Iowa

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Hi all!

Is anyone who is admitted to Iowa planning on going to their open house? Is Iowa your first choice? Anyone admitted who currently goes there who would like to share their thoughts on the program, town, etc?

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I have been put on Iowa's Wait-list but I currently am an undergrad in the program here in good ol' Iowa city! It's been a nice experience here. Iowa City is a small urban city in the eastern portion of Iowa. It has a vibrant city life with a cute downtown with a lot of boutiques and resturants. It has a lively night life with many bars in the area which is usually filled with undergraduates. There is easy free transportation around campus which is nice and the campus is small enough where you can walk around to everything. However one thing I will say about that is the Speech Path building is on the opposite side of campus than the downtown and main hub of campus. If you decide to go here I would suggest living on the "west" side near the hospital/football/medical school because it will be much easier to get to class everyday! The one draw back I have about the campus is it is far away from large airports which has been a downside for me traveling to friends or family around the country.


The professors are very intelligent (obviously) but they definitely have a lot of passion about what they do. The program is research driven and therefore sometimes professors focus more of their energy into that then teaching. BUT, that is not to say they aren't friendly because they definitely are! They just may be away a lot for conferences or speaking events. It is cool to read about studies and read textbooks that were written by the professor speaking in front of you and I feel that is one of the unique perks of Iowa! 

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