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Time frame for Masters program decisions from UCs


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I'm waiting to hear back from a few different UC's regarding admission/rejection to their masters program in CS. I just wanted to see if anyone else has heard back or know approximately when the decisions are suppose to come out. So far I've only heard back from UC Irvine, and that was in late January...

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I heard back from Davis the third week of February (Aero/Mech).  San Diego sent me a message saying they were still evaluating PhD applicants earlier this week so I'll be waiting awhile.  Also still waiting on Irvine.  

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UCSD looks like it's normally quite late to get back - last year this was around early April. There are only two decisions posted (both accepts) for this year - one of which I'm assuming is rustledjimmies. Both of the decisions listed are from American applicants.


I'm waiting to hear back from UCSD and UC Berkeley too. I think MEng decisions at Berkeley are sent out later than their MS decisions. On their new timeline on the Admissions page, it suggests decisions will be sent out in March, which is earlier than last year. It also mentions interviews but I've yet to hear of or see that anyone has been interviewed...

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