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  1. I do not have any experience with your issue, but my intuition is that 1. getting your own funding in terms of grants or scholarships can be very difficult from sources outside the school, and 2. it may well be too late for this process, even if you were to be successful. If I am correct then I wish you the best of luck in receiving funding this year, and a strong application season next year (should you choose to reapply if this year doesn't work out).
  2. I came to learn how bad I am at dealing with unknown and unpredictable outcomes. finishing up my senior year while my mind was consumed about grad school applications for pretty much the entire fall and spring semester was REALLY stressful, would not do it again (I'd take a year off in between or something). Also was surprised by how much location and campus mattered to me, once I went to visit school .
  3. I'm sorry if my use of imagery was not blatantly obvious -- I was simply trying to tell my story in a more eccentric and interesting way. You may well be correct though, since you're "Already Attending", I know I can point to at least one obnoxious person in grad school.
  4. I apologize, I did not intend for it to come across as such. I do not, however, feel that I am in the wrong here. Burning bridges (as I have now done) stresses me out. It was in my nature to keep all of my decisions as "possibilities" until I had to let them go, and for that I am sorry. While I am ecstatic that I now have a great school to which I am committed, the fact that now I only have one option stresses me out. If something goes wrong with this school, I don't have a plan B to fall back on -- at this point, it's all or nothing. Hopefully this can shed some light into my madness.
  5. Well now, this may be a bit of a different type of freak-out than some are experiencing, but for me tonight was emotionally troubling. I was fortunate to be accepted into 7 programs, all which I held dear to my heart after they accepted me with open arms. This evening, I was finally forced to reject 6 of their offers, while wishing that I could send clones of myself to attend all of these great universities. My second and third choices were especially difficult to finally click "decline" on the web form, and send a sincere email about my decision to faculty. If it had been a hand-written lette
  6. I received confirmation and a thank you email, but it was from someone specific to my department.
  7. My suggestion would be to reach out and ask these schools kindly for an ETA on your decision. Many may give you a decision on the spot, or soon after asking. My intuition is that things are not looking in your favor for these schools, but you have one admit... woohoo!!!!
  8. booooo USC! *runs back to UCLA thread* jk. i love you guys
  9. I visited there the first week of march. blown away by the campus. Hands down one of the most beautiful schools I've been to -- which I was not quite expecting from LA. Looking forward to MINIMAL SWEATSHIRT WEARING. I am so tired of cold winters!!!!
  10. Sorry mate, but I think you've misinterpreted the purpose of this website. I would recommend asking peers in your graduate program for help getting ideas for your website, as well as your professor or anyone at your university who can help you. If this isn't even a project for grad school, then i think you have gravely misinterpreted the purpose of this website . Best of luck.
  11. Albuquerque has very low self esteem among younger demographics. Just saying, you will get a lot of people asking "why did you come HERE??". Young people (who grew up in albuquerque) definitely don't appreciate what albuquerque has to offer. If you like: classy clubs with only beautiful women, that big city feel, lots of trees and green, the reputation of your city (most are not impressed when you tell them you live in abq, New Mexico). Albuquerque is not for you If you like: mountain biking, hiking, other outdoor activities, one of the highest % of sunny days in the country, nice
  12. I will also be attending UCLA this fall!! I am SO STOKED -- UCLA is beautiful and I can't wait to live in Southern California for a few years. I will be entering the CS dept as a Master's student. Money is going to be TIGHT but I think it will be worth it for the amazing experience of living in a beautiful part of LA, while studying at a great university. I have applied for housing in Weyburn and Hilgard ($30 deposit to apply), and I'll see where those go. I will also be taking a trip in July or so to look for housing (probably cheaper housing) if I hear nothing back from those gr
  13. YES. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is already stoked to wear gear from the school I'll be attending. I'm terribly tempted to update my facebook to have my new school on it... but I'm going to try and wait until the fall so I'm not "that guy"
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