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  1. jmu

    SSRC IDRF 2017

    No review comments here.
  2. Did anyone else apply in the February deadline for the GSS DDRI? Just checked Fastlane and saw that my proposal was sent for external review on 4/20/17 and that my program officer changed yesterday, but everything is still pending. I'm imagining another 2-3 weeks before recommendations/rejections start rolling in. Anyone hear anything?
  3. jmu

    SSRC IDRF 2017

    No transcript request here. I know in the past it has not been clear who gets transcript requests and who doesn't, just that people who do have definitely made it past the first round.
  4. jmu

    PhD in Geography or Sociology?

    I know this may not be helpful three weeks after your posting, but I'll give it a go anyway. Maybe not directly answering your question, but you might also consider interdisciplinary departments that sort of bleed between the two fields. The first one that came to mind when reading your post was Transborder Studies at ASU (https://sts.asu.edu/node/410). The second is my own department, Global and Sociocultural Studies at FIU. I'm not super familiar with ASU's program and it seems to have a heavy focus on the Southwest US, but it might be worth looking into. In my program, there are a few graduate students working on research related to immigration (and I'm happy to put you in contact with them.) We're a newer program but have a good track record thus far with graduate students have publications and external funding and with getting good jobs when they finish (R1 postdocs, TT and NTT academic positions, NGOs, government agencies, etc.) We also have a demographer, anthropologists who work on diasporas, and geographers on faculty within the department so you can do both. Again, I can give you more info if you're interested. I also definitely agree with TK2 that you might look instead at particular faculty rather than programs themselves but with the caveat that you should be ready and willing to teach intro courses in whatever field(s) you apply to for a long time.
  5. Hi all, I was just notified today that I am a finalist for the aforementioned fellowship. I was wondering if anyone on the board has had one or interviewed for one and can give some insights into the interview process. I've contacted one of the previous fellows that I know to get info and will happily share that here when I hear back from them.
  6. jmu

    Fulbright-Hays DDRA 2015

    I had completely forgotten about this until today. I haven't heard anything from the CO and she's notoriously bad at responding to emails. Did anyone's application status change in G5?
  7. jmu

    SSRC DPDF 2015

    Got my comments today. Mostly positive. One reviewer thought I should have a more developed theoretical perspective. One reviewer thought I should have focused more geographically. (This is interesting considering everyone I know who has been awarded has larger geographic area than I do now and had even larger ones when they were awarded. I'll chalk it up to people not realizing how small the country I work in actually is. It's a good thing to address in future applications regardless.) One reviewer loved everything about it. Reading reviews is frustrating.
  8. jmu

    Where are you applying for 2015?

    Congrats blueridge! Penn State is an amazing program.
  9. jmu

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    Contact them to "update your application materials" and let them know you were awarded the NSF. It's a significant enough award that it won't seem like you are pressing them with a useless update.
  10. jmu

    NSF GRFP 2014-2015

    Didn't get it. Second year. VG/VG VG/VG G/G The third reviewer wanted the project to be more completely developed than it was, which I agree with. All three reviewers mentioned strong letters of recommendation and academic engagement outside of the department and university.
  11. jmu

    Who is a historian?

    I use an historical in oral presentations when a historical might be ambiguous to someone not listening intently (i.e., they might hear ahistorical.) I try to change it in writing but it sometimes slips.
  12. jmu

    NSF GRFP 2014-2015

    It's only just beginning. I'm still not even convinced that it's going to be tonight.
  13. jmu

    'Soft' and 'Hard' Sciences, always adversaries?

    Add geographers to that as well. His being given an award by the AAG caused quite a bit of consternation. Toward the discussion more generally, as I work in climate change I tend to cross disciplinary lines fairly often. My experience has been that it really depends on the context. I (human geographer) am currently working on a paper with an anthropologist, field biologist, biogeochemist, and freshwater ecologist and it's been going well. There is a mutual respect for everyone's insight and we work together productively. Our paper rests on our interdisciplinarity and we draw on it to talk about the problem in multiple ways and to suggest that a lack of interdisciplinary insight across physical, natural and social sciences feeds back and perpetuates the problem we are looking at. We also have a big push in our university from natural scientists to hire more social scientists. We just finished a job search in our department and a letter was circulated around the university to allow us to hire two of the candidates. On the other hand, there was a meeting last week about the social impacts of sea level rise adaptation here in Miami with no social scientists on hand. An anthropologist from our department went to the meeting and offered to help and she was largely brushed off when she suggested that you can't simply map people at risk of inundation and say problem solved, that vulnerability is primarily social, political, and economic (a well-accepted idea for about 40 years now.) Likewise, I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago where I expressed my concerns that the language of climate change adaptation in terms of market solutions (alternative energy vehicles, solar panels, etc.) in developed countries obscures the fact that many underdeveloped countries are already experiencing problems related to climate change already, especially flooding and coastal inundation. The response from most of the physical and natural scientists present was that this didn't matter because those countries weren't producing as much CO2 and therefore didn't need to worry right now. They just needed to continue to catch up developed countries and adopt technologies more readily so they could skip development intervals. When I mentioned that Rostow was hardly appropriate for this conversation I was quickly silenced. I was the only social scientist who was able to speak. The others (notably mostly women and about half people of color) were interrupted before they could ever get their thoughts out. In these cases the social sciences were definitely not looked highly upon. In the end, like most things, it depends on the context.
  14. jmu

    NSF GRFP 2014-2015

    @HockeyNerd, there are people who got HM one year who got nothing (not even HM again) so it's certainly not a given. You are judged to higher standards in subsequent years, not just in terms of your project but also in terms of your ability to craft a convincing proposal.
  15. jmu

    NSF decisions?

    DDRI and GRFP results aren't necessarily released at the same time. OP was asking about the DDRI.

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