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Where did you hear?


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So today I got an email to check status (got in) while at a pub, smartphones are terrible to check a status and thank god the letter has a big congratulations or I wouldn't have been ableto distinguish it. Anyways just thought it would be fun....

1st acceptance....email, got back from lunch at work, internet was down due to maintenance, read it in phone....

2nd acceptance...email, was at work, phone beeped, logged in through computer,

3rd acceptance....European school, woke up to email

4th acceptance....got home on Friday night and saw on grad cafe resultsvwere in web page...

1st rejection...email, was in a cab

5th acceptance...story up there....

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Cool topic!


Since I'm an international student, I heard from all my universities post 1 am local time.


First acceptance- It was 1.24 am...was up watching TV...saw it on my phone....


First wait-list: It was an hour or so after dinner....saw it on my phone....the title of the email was 'update' which I thought was weird....when I didn't see the word congratulations in the first line I was sure it's a rejection but turned out to be wait-list


Second acceptance- had been tossing and turning in bed but couldn't sleep..so logged onto grad cafe...received the decision email around 4.30 am....

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I lived in India in highschool and remember my roomate learnt she was in, at 2 am while on a train (she gave her passwords to her mom and she called her as there where no smartphones back then)

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