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  1. Guys, I've finally decided on Elliott after much deliberation and I'm quite happy about my decision. But I want to connect with my future classmates, as I'm sure many do. I've asked the Elliott school office to make a Facebook group for us admitted students, class of 2015. If any of you know of a group or page that already exists, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I know that there have been various topics about which is better between SIS and Elliott. But my situation is a little different. I've been accepted to the MA in International Affairs(Comparative and Regional Studies) program at SIS and MA in Asian Studies at Elliott. I've been waitlisted for the MA in Asian Studies program at SFS, Georgetown. A lot of information, on these forums and otherwise, is available on these schools. But it has been difficult for me to find out about their expertise in Asia. My interests are Asian IR(with a focus South Asia) and foreign policy, especially India-US-China relations. I'm a journalist and will most likely continue in journalism after graduate study. Which of these schools has the best South Asia component? I'm leaning towards SIS because I feel it's the best fit for me. But I'm worried that AU does not have the global reputation that Georgetown or even Elliott has. Also, Elliott seems to have more networking opportunities in terms of well-connected alumni than SIS. Is this true? I've already mailed the faculty and current students at these schools but I'm waiting to hear from them. Any thoughts about which school I should choose? If there are any current students or alumni, I'd love if you could weigh in. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone heard about funding yet? I'm dying! Also, WakeMeUpB4UGoGo, waiting to hear from you about the admitted students day!
  4. I am. Only for me, it will be insanely early. Something like 5 or 6 am. So I hope I can make the most of it!
  5. Rejected. But it's alright. Was expecting it. Now, I can finally make my decision.
  6. Still waiting Applied for MIA. Guess this means rejection but I just want to see the decision with my own eyes. Then it ends and I make a final decision. Very honestly, I know SIPA is a bit of reach for me and not even that great a fit. And I've been accepted to three other great schools so it's all good
  7. Stupid SIPA! Reading the word 'decisions' in their blog post title gave me such a start! As if I wasn't scared enough to last the weekend.
  8. I have. Submitted my application last minute, sort of as a safety net.
  9. Yeah, sure. We should swap notes. I've already spoken to a friend who did conflict resolution at SIS a year or two ago. Have asked her to find me some CRS alumni. Another friend knows some current Elliott students so she'll forward some contact info. SIS is a great fit for me in terms of the curriculum but Elliott has a better name. So confused! Anyway, do keep me in the loop about what you hear. Will you be visiting any of the schools? I'm an international student so I can't but if you're going, I'd like to know everything!
  10. Yeah, sure. You can PM me whenever you want Although I haven't started attending, so I don't know how much help I'll be
  11. I'm scared to even start thinking about making a decision. I'm so confused! I keep telling myself that I'm waiting because I haven't heard from SIPA yet but I know the school is a bit of a reach for me. Everytime I so much as click on admitted student links to compare schools, I promptly close them. Anyone else going through this?
  12. I haven't got funding from ANY of my schools. SUCKS!
  13. I'm sure you'll hear soon
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