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How to back out of a visit...


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If you've already decided to attend a different school, I see no harm in saying so and "cancelling" your visit.



Otherwise, you could regretfully postpone your trip as a something (professional, personal, etc.) has come up and has conflicted with your plans.  I don't see a reason why it would be bad to not visit a school if you aren't too keen on it.

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It's best to be honest and just say why. If you don't want to go there or have committed elsewhere, let them know. They'll appreciate you saving them time and money.

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I did that. I bought my own plane ticket and they were going to reimburse me. But I decided I no longer wanted to go to that school, so I emailed the administrator and the professors I was meeting with and politely told them so. I think they appreciated me not wasting their time or money when I knew I was not going to go to that school. I 

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