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  1. And remember that this time is way different from last time. Essentially you are almost there. The majority of the work is already done. Now you just need to edit your work and research programs more carefully. You also have plenty of time (6-7 months). It sounds like you are doing the right thing: starting now. If you spread it out I bet the stress won't be so bad this time. Also remember to relieve some stress. You have plenty of time. Work slowly and take a few days off from your applications. On this forum you see so many people who struck out the first time, and then got into an excellent program the following year. Go for it!
  2. I apologize if this thread exists anywhere else, but I was wondering if others are looking into buying a new laptop for grad school. I am in much need of an upgrade. I would like something that is light, has a great screen resolution, and a decent graphics card. I am not the biggest fan of Apple products, but the Macbook Pro does have the Retina screen and is fairly light. I would probably install Windows 8 on it. What about you guys? Any recommendations?
  3. I always stress the importance of fit and contact with potential POIs. The national AMS conference for musicology is a great opportunity to meet with professors and attend some papers. If you currently have a mentor or adviser ask him/her to set up some meetings. Most programs with funding only accept 2-3 students and can receive upwards of 90 applications. You can definitely still get in without establishing contact with anyone (recommendations are very important especially in this case), but I do believe it helps your chances. Programs are also very interested in how you fit in with their program. Some are more picky than others. Some schools would like for you to come in with a clear idea of what you want to do. Others would like for you to be more open and flexible. Meeting with people in the departments you are interested in will help you figure out the programs and tailor your SOP to each school.
  4. I'll have to let you know! I start in the fall!! But they are fantastic people and everyone there is very nice! Its a great community from what I have observed.
  5. Just some advice on those applyingto musicology: Research is incredibly important as is presenting. If you are applying to the Ivies without presenting you better write a killer set of essays because most people applying will have this kind of experience. As far as applying straight from an undergraduate degree: I asked about this at each place I visited. All of them said they had close to 50/50 (half without masters and half with). In my cohort I believe only one of the three (in historical) has a masters. Where you did your previous degrees does not really matter as long as you can show that you have taken as much advantage of the resources available there. Best of luck everyone! I remember being where you all are now.I am available if you have any questions!
  6. I have heard that they take a mix of masters and non-masters. I myself do not have a masters degree. I believe that your essays and research experience are the most important. Of course every school ranks materials in different order. Oh yeah! Recommendations are super important too. Sounds like you've got it together. I highly encourage going to the national conference and networking. It is so important. Many of the top programs only take 2-3 students a year. I hear U of Pittsburgh has an up and coming ethno program.
  7. Just accepted yesterday! Thrilled to be joining!
  8. I do not think you should feel bad about leaving UBC just because you went there for masters. Some people think it is better to get a phd from a different school. As far as the city goes, you have to decide whether that is more important than the funding and academic fit. Have you actually accepted? Sent in your paperwork or sent an email stating you accept the offer? If not, then you should be fine to decline.
  9. First of all, would you go to Eastman if you got off the waitlist? I would first weigh Eastman against your other choices as if it were an option. Do you know what Eastman's offer would be? Have you visited Eastman before? Would you accept an offer from them without visiting? Either way, I would email Eastman and express your continued interest in their program, and ask where you are on the list and how possible it is to get off the list (do they think someone will turn down? How many spots? How many have accepted?). If you do not know Eastman's funding situation now would be a good time to ask. If I did get off the list how probable would it be to receive funding and what would the package look like? It would be even better to call, and ask. That way you get a chance to talk to someone in the department.
  10. I would just email the person you have been in contact with and tell them that you have already accepted and submitted all the appropriate documentation via mail. Just say you are in the US and ask who you need to contact to make sure the documents have been received and processed. I would just skip the long explanation of the troubles you had. I wouldn't worry about "waiting til the last minute to respond." Remember many people make a choice last minute because they are choosing between programs.
  11. I haven't made my decision on what exactly to focus on (just finishing undergrad) but my 18th c. interests are well covered at Columbia/ Penn. Harvard not so much but (granted I get off the waitlist) they have offered a great package and their funding is fantastic. Harvard has some gaps in their faculty lineup. That being said, they foster a GREAT graduate community and highly promote interdisciplinary studies. They also do a great job caring for their graduates. Columbia has a solid faculty and great course selections and resources. Amazing faculty. Being located in New York, I hear the students are not as close knit as at Harvard/ Penn. Penn just lost several senior professors and are looking to hire new people. I am waiting out to hear who will be joining. Several of their remaining professors have been in contact with me and we share similar interest. I also hear they have a great community.
  12. Columbia, Penn, and maybe Harvard. All three have pluses and minuses as well. I know i have great options to choose from, but its a hard decision. I am hoping that after campus visits are done I will have a decisive answer.
  13. I was wondering how everyone was doing withthe decision making process. April 15 is just over two weeks away, and i still haven't made my decision. I have campus visits coming up in that time. Looks like I will be making my decision April 13 or 14th. I know some people here have already made their decision. How about others?
  14. I only read the first paragraph but it is still empty. The commitee already knows why accounting is important. This paragraph is taking up precious space. Toss it. Its better to just start with why you are applying for accounting. This still needs to be proof read for grammar by a native English speaker. There are too many mistakes. Keep at it! Revision is the way to get it right!
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