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  1. Someone I know got into Duke (musicology PhD) a good few weeks-month ago.
  2. Yes, Columbia musicology admits are out.
  3. Harvard musicology decisions are out.
  4. If you were a musicology applicant and were admitted, you would work with the musicology faculty... I got the impression that the person who said that Berkeley "isn't what it used to be" because of Taruskin's retirement was a comp applicant. Sorry if that wasn't the case. Berkeley musicology is solid, despite Taruskin's retirement. Changed, but still solid as hell.
  5. If you're a comp applicant, you wouldn't even have worked with Taruskin, even if he were still here.
  6. why would you want to do a master's degree in germany when you don't speak german?
  7. that's really good stipend for the area. you can definitely live in berkeley, for instance, on that.
  8. Who's going for it this year? I'm planning on throwing my hat in the ring.
  9. Hey there -- I did a Skype interview for Penn a few years back. It was pretty chill. Each prof asked a question (maybe 4 in total) about the work I'd submitted, my interests, why I wanted to go to Penn, what I'd been up to lately. It was fun! Try not to worry.
  10. Here's what I ended up doing: --Thanked them for the honor of admission --Told them how much respect I have for their faculty/dept, and said how much I would have surely learned as a graduate student there --Said that, after much deliberation, I chose X school --Said that I hope we can stay in touch and I look forward to future contact with the fabulous students/faculty at their school Sent this type of note (individually, not a mass email) to all of the faculty I met at each school I visited/was admitted to.
  11. They probably assess the wait-list as spots open; people do turn down Princeton. Someone in my current program did.
  12. The year I applied, Columbia was pretty late in contacting people, so don't give up hope!
  13. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-17/carnegie-mellon-mistakenly-admits-800-students
  14. Congratulations to the Cornell admit!
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