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  1. I emailed the PI I worked for last summer at Stanford and haven't heard back (they're usually very quick to respond to email) so maybe they're still sending them out/working on who to invite?
  2. Of course, happy to help! (although I probably should have tried to sell you on Baltimore since Stanford is my top choice and I haven't heard from them yet but oh well )
  3. I don't think anyone takes out loans, most people just live frugally. Also, Stanford has really good on campus housing that you can live in for your whole PhD. If you're willing to live in the less nice housing, it's only like $750 a month, or if you want something higher end it's around 1100-1300. Most of the grad students seemed to live pretty comfortably (going out for dinner/drinks a lot, going into the city a lot). It's definitely a livable stipend. However, you'd probably live way more comfortably in Baltimore i.e. you could have a car, take more vacations, etc. But living near SF is also it's own factor since the city is unbelievable (my favorite in the US by far). Also I heard from the Stanford grad students that for each class you TA after you fufill the teaching requirement you get paid $1500. not sure if that is also the case at Hopkins.
  4. Also, has anyone heard from NYU's Neuroscience and Physiology program? I only see people with interview invites from the Sackler Neural Science one. Could it be that the programs send out invites separately? I also never received a rejection from NYU when everyone else did, but maybe it's because according to their portal they never got my "official" GRE scores?
  5. I've worked in an NIH lab in Baltimore with 2-3 Hopkins grad students for 4 years, and I've also worked at Stanford. I'd say both programs are equal in terms of support and quality (Stanford might be a little bit better but not by much), I think it really depends on how many faculty at each program you're interested in and where you see yourself living. Baltimore and Palo Alto are drastically different places. Baltimore is smaller and more eclectic (plus way less expensive), but is definitely an acquired taste because of all the poverty/gun violence. Palo Alto is great but more expensive and feels like a suburb. All of the grad students I've interacted with at both schools are very happy with the programs.
  6. Question for people who have gone through the grad school admissions process: I'm slightly (okay more than slightly) confused about the interview offers I've gotten. I'm applying this cycle for neuro PhD with a 3.3 GPA (which I know is low) and average GRE scores, but almost 5 years of part-time research at NIH and summer internships at Harvard and Stanford, plus an HHMI grant and a first author pub. I have great LORs (I've read them) and a solid personal statement. I've gotten interviews at UCSF and UCSD which are really highly ranked for my field (whoo) and U Colorado, but have been passed over at schools that are lower ranked/I thought were more realistic (Berkeley, NYU, UCLA). I'm obviously happy I'm getting interviews at top schools but am also really confused as to why I'm getting passed over at lower ranked schools. Is there a reason (something in my application) this could be happening? Or is it all just a random crapshoot when it comes to these things? Any advice is much appreciated!
  7. freaking out about hearing from stanford neuro (top choice program)...it looks from the results search that invites go out over a few days so keeping my fingers crossed....
  8. Has anyone else in this thread applied to Stanford Neuro? Also, has anyone heard back? I know they don't usually send out invites until the 2nd week of Jan but UCSD and UCSF both sent out invites hella early this year so I'm wondering if Stanford did too.
  9. sorry to say it's not trolling...I got an invite this morning 7am my time (10pm PST since I live in Europe atm). Even as someone who got an invite, I can honestly say it's kind of shitty for them to send them out on Christmas. It was a great Christmas present for me, but probably not great for people who didn't get invites. Also, keep the faith for the rest of your programs. I was passed over for NYU and Berkeley, but got interviews at UCSF and UCSD. Just because you get rejected from lower ranked schools doesn't mean you won't get into your other more highly ranked schools, especially if there's something weird about your application (I have a 3.3 GPA which is low and average GREs but I have 5 years research experience at NIH/Harvard/Stanford, so my application is slightly weird). Keeping my fingers crossed for Stanford invites in January....
  10. Hi All! As someone who currently has an interview at a Bay area PhD program and is waiting to hear from another, I was wondering how realistic it is to live in SF on a $36,000-37,000/yr stipend? I know it can be done, but how many sacrifices do you have to make to get by in a city where the housing prices are so high? Are you living comfortably or living in a basement with 10 roommates? Would appreciate any advice current graduate students could give!! Thank you in advance!!
  11. I think it's just one person, when it's more than one I'll actually believe they're sending them out right now
  12. Has anyone heard anything from Harvard? Their admissions committee met yesterday according to their website, and they usually send out invites the day after....
  13. Hi All! I'm looking for advice if my list of school is doable or is aiming too high. I'm applying to Neuroscience PhD programs for fall 2017. Undergrad Institution: top 100 US public research university Major(s): Neuroscience and English Literature Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: 3.3 Overall GPA: 3.3 Position in Class: Not ranked Type of Student: White female GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 159 V: 154 W: 5.0 B: N/A Research Experience: -4.5 years at NIH, 1 year in a molecular neuroscience lab, 3.5 years in the lab of the director of the institute I worked at, high profile PI. 1 first author pub submitted, 1 in prep at time of application, 1 mid author pub in press (neuron). 4 international conferences, including a talk in a Nanosymposium at SfN last year. Wrote/defended honors thesis. -1 summer at Stanford Med School doing neuroscience research -1 summer at Harvard Med School doing neuroscience research, high profile PI Awards/Honors/Recognitions: On a partial academic scholarship, HHMI Fellowship 2 years to support research I did at NIH. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Mentored high school students in the lab Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: graduating a year early from undergrad (3 years instead of 4) with a dual degree (BA/BS) Special Bonus Points: All three recommenders very enthusiastic. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Applying to Where: (all neuroscience programs) -Stanford -UCSF -UC Berkeley -UCSD -UCLA -Harvard -Duke University -University of Colorado Denver -Johns Hopkins -NYU
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